kalmia latifolia

Adapted to acute neuralgia, rheumatism, gouty complaints, especially when heart is involved as a sequel of rheumatism or gout. In heart diseases that have developed from rheumatism, or alternate with it. Pains sticking, darting, pressing, shooting in a downward direction (Cac. - upward, Led.); attended or succeeded by numbness of affected part (Acon., Cham., Plat.). Severe stitching pain in right eye and orbit (left eye, Spig.); stiffness in muscles, pain < when turning the eyes (Spig.); begins at sunrise, < at noon and leaves at sunset (Nat. m.). Rheumatism: pains intense, change places suddenly going from joint to joint; joint hot, red, swollen; worse from least movement. Vertigo when stooping or looking down (Spig.). Pulse slow, scarcely perceptible (35 to 40 per minute); pale face and cold extremities.