hyoscyamus niger

Persons of sanguine temperament; who are irritable, nervous, hysterical. Convulsions: of children, from fright or the irritation of intestinal worms (Cina); during labor; during the peurperal state; after meals, child vomits, sudden shriek, then insensible. Diseases with increased cerebral activity, but non-inflammatory in type; hysteria or delirium tremens; delirium, with resplessness, jumps out of bed, tries ot escape; makes irrelevant answers; thinks he is in the wrong place; talks of imaginary doings, but has no wants and makes no complaints. In delirium, Hyoscyamus occupies a place midway between Belladonna and Strammonium; lacks the constant cerebral congestion of the former and the fierce rage and maniacal delirium of the latter. Spasms: without conciousness, very restless; every muscle in the body twitches, from the eyes to the toes (with conciousness, Nux). Fears: being alone; poison; being bitten; being sold; to eat or drink; to take what is offered; suspicious, of some plot. Bad effects of unfortunate love; with jealousy, rage, incohorent speech or inclination to laugh at everything; often followed by epilepsy. Lascivious mania; immodesty, will not be covered, kicks off the clothes, exposes the person; sings obscene songs; lies naked in bed and chatters. Cough; dry, nocturnal, spasmodic; < when lying down, relieved when sitting up (Dros.); < at night, after eating, drinking, talking singing (Dros., Phos., - > when lying down,, Mang. m.). Intense sleeplessness of irritable, excitable persons form business embarrassments, often imaginary. Paralysis of bladder; after labor, with retention or incontinence of urine; no desire to urinate in lying-in women (Arn., Op.). Fever: pneumonia, scarlatina, rapidly becomes typhoid; sensorium clouded, staring eyes, gasping at flocks or picking bed clothes, teeth covered with sordes, tongue dry and unweildly; involuntary stool and urine; subsultus teninum.

< At night; during menses; mental affections; jealousy, unhappy love; when lying down.