hamamelis virginica

This shrub flowers from September to November, when the leaves are falling. The seeds mature the following summer. It is adapted to venous haemorrhage from every orifice of the body; nose, lungs, bowels, uterus, bladder. Venous congestion; passive, of skin and mucous membranes; phlebitis, varicose veins; ulcers, varicose, with stinging, pricking pain; haemorrhoids. Patients, subject to varicose veins, take cold easily from every exposure, especially in warm, moist air. "Is the Aconite of the venous capillary system.". Bruised soreness of affected parts (Arn.); rheumatism, articular and muscular. Wounds: incised, lacerated, contused; injuries from falls; checks haemorrhage, removes pain and soreness (Arn.). Chronic effects of mechanical injuries (Con.). Traumatic conjunctivitis; sugillations, or extravasations into chambers of eye; from severe coughing; intense soreness (Arn., Calen., Led.). Nosebleed: flow passive, long-lasting, blood non-coagulable (Crot.); profuse > headache (Mel.); idiopathic, traumatic, vicarious, of childhood. Haemorrhage: profuse, dark, grumous, from ulceration of bowels (Crot.); uterine, active or passive; after a fall or rough riding; vicarious menstruation; no mental anxiety. Haemoptysis: tickling cough, with taste of blood or sulphur; venous, without effort or coughing; sometimes monthly, for years. Profuse discharges, which simulate a haemorrhage, and form a drain upon system as severe as loss of blood. Haemorrhoids: bleeding profusely; with burning, soreness, fullness, heaviness; as if back would break; urging to stool; bluish color; anus feels sore and raw. Menses: flow, dark and profuse; with soreness in abdomen; after a blow on ovary, or a fall; all suffering < at menstrual period (Act., Puls.). Uterine haemorrhage active or passive; from jolting while riding over rough roads; bearing down pain in back. After haemorrhage from piles, prostration out of all proportion to amount of blood lost (Hydr.). Bad effects from loss of blood (Cinch.).