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For children, young people, especially women of a nervous, hysterical temperament (Croc., Ign.). Complete relaxation and prostration of whole muscular system with entire motor paralysis. Excitable, irritable, sensitive; for the nervous affections of onanists of both sexes (Kali p.). Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news and sudden motions (Ign. - from pleasant surprise, Coff.). Fear of death (Ars.); utter lack of courage. The anticipation of any unusual ordeal, preparing for church, theatre, or to meet an engagement, brings on diarrhoea; stage fright, nervous dread of appearing in public (Arg. n.). General depression from heat of sun or summer. Weakness and trembling; of tongue, hands, legs; of the entire body. Desire to be quiet, to be let alone; does not wish to speak or have any one near her, even if the person be silent (Ign.). Vertigo, spreading from the occiput (Sil.); with diplopia, dim vision, loss of sight; seems intoxicated when trying to move. Children; fear of falling, grasp the crib or seize the nurse (Bor., Sanic.). Headache; preceded by blindness (Kali bi.), > by profuse urination. Lack of muscular co-ordination; confused; muscles refuse to obey the will. Headache: beginning in the cervical spine; pains extend over head, causing bursting sensation in forehead and eyeballs (Sang., Sil., begins in the same way, but semi-lateral); < by mental exertion; from smoking; heat of sun; lying with head low. Sensation of band around the head above eyes (Carb. ac., Sulph.); scalp sore to touch. Fears that unless on the move heart will cease beating (fears it would cease beating if she moved, Dig.). Slow pulse of old age. Great heaviness of the eyelids; cannot keep them open (Caust., Graph., Sep.). Chill without thirst, especially along spine, running up and down the back in rapid, wave-like succession from sacrum to occiput.

< Damp weather; before a thunderstorm; mental emotion or excitement; bad news; tobacco smoking; when thinking of his ailments; when spoken to of his loss.