cuprum metallicum

Spasms and cramps: symptoms disposed to appear periodically and in groups. Mental and physical exhaustion from over-exertion of mind and loss of sleep (Coc., Nux); attacks of unconquerable anxiety. A strong, sweetish, metallic, copper taste in the mouth with flow of saliva (Rhus). Constant prostration and retraction of the tongue, like a snake (Lach.). When drinking, the fluid descends with a gurgling sound (Ars., Thuja). Cholera morbus or Asiatic cholera, with cramps in abdomen and calves of legs. Bad effects of re-percussed eruptions (of non-developed, Zinc.), resulting in brain affections, spasms, convulsions, vomiting; of suppressed foot-sweat (Sil., Zinc.). Convulsions, with blue face and clenched thumbs. Cramps in the extremeties; pains, soles, calves with great weariness of limbs. Clonic spasms, beginning in fingers and toes, and spreading over entire body; during pregnancy; puerperal convulsions; after fright or vexation; from metastasis from other organs to brain (Zinc.). Paralysis of tongue; imperfect stammering speech. Epilepsy: aura begins in knees and ascends; < at night during sleep (Bufo); about new moon, at regular intervals (menses); from a fall or blow upon the head; from getting wet. Cough has a gurgling sound, as if water was being poured from a bottle. Cough, > by drinking cold water (Caust. - < by drinking cold water, Spong.). Whooping cough: long-lasting, suffocating, spasmodic cough; unable to speak; breathless, blue face, rigid, stiff; three attacks successively (Stan.); vomiting of solid food after regaining consciousness (Can.); cataleptic spasm with each paroxysm. After pains; sever, distressing, in calves and soles.

< Cold air; cold wind; at night; suppressed foot sweat or exanthema.

> Nausea, vomiting and cough, by a swallow of cold water.