croton tiglium

Affects mucous membrane of intestinal tract, producing transudations of watery portions of blood, a copious, watery diarrhoea (Ver.), and develops an acute eczema over the whole body (Rhus). The bowels are moved as if by spasmodic jerks, "coming out like a shot" (Gamb.); as soon as patient eats, drinks, or even while eating; yellow watery stool. Constant urging to stool followed by sudden evacuation, which is shot out of the rectum (Gamb., Grat., Pod., Thuja). Swashing sensation in intestines, as from water, before stool (rumbling before stool, Aloe). Drawing pain through the chest from breast to scapula, of same side every time the child nurses; nipple very sore. Intense itching of skin, but so tender is unable to scratch; > by gentle rubbing; eczema over whole body. Intense itching of genitals of both sexes (Rhus); vesicular eruption on male; so sensitive and sore is unable to scratch. Cough: as soon as the head touched the pillow a spasmodic paroxysm of cough set in; suffocated, must walk about the room or sleep in a chair.

< Diarrhoea; every motion; after drinking; while eating or nursing (Arg. n., Ars.); during summer; from fruit and sweetmeats (Gamb.); the least food or drink.