collinsonia canadensis

Pelvic and portal congestion, resulting in dysmenorrhoea and haemorrhoids. Congestion of pelvic viscera, with haemorrhoids, especially in latter months of pregnancy. Dropsy from cardiac disease. Palpitation; in patients subject to piles and indigestion; heart's action persistently rapid but weak. After heart is relieved old piles reappear, or suppressed menses return. Chronic, painful, bleeding piles; sensation as if sticks, sand or gravel had lodged in rectum (Aesc.). Haemorrhoidal dysentery with tenesmus. Alternate constipation and diarrhoea; congestive inertia of lower bowel; stools sluggish and hard with pain and great flatulence. Constipation. Pruritus in pregnancy with haemorrhoids, unable to lie down.

< The slightest mental emotion or excitement aggravates the symptoms (Arg. n.).