cannabis sativa

Sensation as of drops of water falling on or from single parts; on the head, form the anus, stomach, heart. Obstinate constipation, causing retention of the urine; constriction of anus. Contraction of fingers after a sprain. Dislocation of patelly on going up stairs. Dyspnoea or asthma, where the patient can only breathe by standing up. Choking in swallowing, things go down "the wrong way" (Anac.). Acute, inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea (second stages, burning after urination, discharge thick, yellow, pus-like, Cub.). Urethra very sensitive to touch or pressure; cannot walk with legs close together, it hurts the urethra. Pain extending from orifice of urethra backward, burning-biting, posteriorly more sticking, while urinating. Tearing pains along urethra in a zigzag direction.