cannabis indica

Very forgetful: forgets his last words and ideas; begins a sentence, forgets what he intends to speak; inability to recall any thought or event on account of other thoughts crowding the brain (Anac., Lac. c.). Constantly theorizing. Laughs immoderately at every trifling word spoken to him. Full of fun and mischief, then perhaps moaning and crying. Great apprehension of approaching death. Delirium tremens; excessive loquacity; exaggeration of time and distance. Time seems too long (Arg. n.); a few seconds seem ages. Distance seems immense; a few rods seems miles. Sensation as it the cavarium was opening and shutting (Act.). Sensation of swelling in the perineum or near the anus, as if sitting on a ball (with great quantities of ropy mucus in urine, Cinch.).

Relation. - Compare: Bell., Hyos;, Stram.