calcarea ostrearum

Leucophlegmatic, blond hair, light complexion, blue eyes, fair skin; tendency to obesity in youth. Psoric constitutions; pale, weak, timid, easily tired when walking. Disposed to grow fat, corpulent, unwieldly. Children with red face, flabby muscles, who sweat easily and take cold readily in consequence. Large heads and abdomens; fontanelles and sutures open; bones soft, develop very slowly. Curvature of bones, especially spine and long bones; extremities crooked, deformed; bone irregularly developed. Head sweats profusely while sleeping, wetting pillow far around (Sil., Sanic.). Profuse perspiration, mostly on back of head and neck, or chest and upper part of body (Sil.). Difficult and delayed dentition with characteristic head sweats, and open fontanelles. During either sickness or convalescence, great longing for eggs; craves indigestible things (Alum.); aversion to meat. Acidity of digestive tract; sour eructations, sour vomiting, sour stool; sour odor of the whole body (Hep., Rheum.). Girls who are fleshy, plethoric, and grow too rapidly. Menstruation too early, too profuse, too long lasting; with subsequent amenorrhoea and chlorosis with menses scanty or suppressed. Women: menses too early, too profuse; feet habitually cold and damp, as if they had on cold damp stockings; continually cold in bed. The least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstrual flow (Sulph., Tub.). Fears she will lose her reason or that people will observe her mental confusion (Act.). Lung diseases of tall, slender, rapidly growing youth; upper third of right lung (Ars. - upper left, Myr., Sulph.); oftener the guide to the constitutional remedy than Phosphorus (compare, Tub.). Diseases: arising from defective assimilation; imperfect ossification; difficulty in learning to walk or stand; children have no disposition to walk and will not try; suppressed sweat. Rawness of soles of feet from perspiration (Graph., Sanic.); blisters and offensive foot sweat. Longing for fresh air (when in a room) which inspires, benefits, strengthens (Puls., Sulph.). Coldness: general; of single parts (Kali bi.); head, stomach, abdomen, feet and legs; aversion to cold open air, "goes right through her:" sensitive to cold, damp air; great liability ot take cold (opposite of Sulph.). Sweat: of single parts; head, scalp wet, cold; nape of neck; chest; axillae, sexual organs; hands, knees; feet (Sep.). Pit of stomach swollen like an inverted saucer, and painful to pressure. Uraemic or other diseases brought on by standing on cold, damp pavements, or working while standing in cold water; modelers or workers in cold clay. Feels better in every way when constipated. Stool has to be removed mechanically (Aloe., Sanic., Sel., Sep., Sil.). Painless hoarseness < in the morning. Desire to be magnetised (Phos.).

< Cold air; wet weather; cold water; from washing (Ant. c.); morning; during full moon.

> Dry weather; lying on painful side (Bry., Puls.).