Solitude is unbearable; desires company, child holds on to its mother's hand for company (Kali c., Lil., Lyc.); Anguish; he sits, then walks, then lies, never long in one place. Headache returning every winter; alternating with, or attended by gastralgia. Face, deathly pale, blue rings around the eyes. Toothache > holding cold water in mouth. (Bry., Coff., Puls.). Vomiting: of water as soon as it reaches the stomach, food retained longer (vomits food and water, Ars.); of enormous quantities, at intervals of several days when food has filled the stomach; of all fluids as soon as taken; and purging, offensive stools (watery stools, Ver.); with convulsive gagging and inexpressible pain, after laprotomy (Nux, Staph.). Stomach: pressure as from a load in one spot; alternating with burning; pain crampy, spasmodic; with irritation, cardialgia and pyrosis. Cholera morbus and summer complaint, when vomiting predominates; stools foul; papescent, watery, offensive very prostrating (Ars., Ver.).