asarum europaeum

Nervous, anxious people; excitable or melancholy. Imagines he is hovering in the air like a spirit (Lac. c.); lightness of all the limbs. Cold "shivers" from any emotion. Oversensitiveness of nerves, scratching of linen or silk, crackling of paper is unbearable (Fer. Tar.). Sensation as if ears were plugged up with some foreign substance. When reading, sensation in eyes as if thy would be pressed asunder or outward; relieved by bathing them in cold water. Cold air or cold water very pleasant to the eyes; sunshine, light, and wind are intolerable. Nausea: in attacks or constant (Ipec.); < after eating, tongue clean (Sulph.); of pregnancy. Unconquerable longing for alcohol; a popular remedy in Russia for drunkards. "Horrible sensation" of pressing, digging in the stomach when waking in the morning (after a debauch). Great faintness and constant yawning.

Relation. - Similar: to, Caust. in modalities; to Aloe, Arg. n., Mer., Pod., Puls., Sulph. ac. in stringy shreddy stools. Followed: by, Bis., Caust., Puls., Sulph. ac.

< In cold and dry, or clear, fine weather (Caust.).

> Washing face or bathing affected parts with cold water; in damp, wet weather (Caust.).