argentum metallicum

Tall, thin, irritable persons. Ailments from abuse of Mercury. Constitutional effects of onanism. Affects the cartilages, tarsal, ears, nose, Eustachian; the structures entering into joints. Seminal emissions: after onanism; almost every night; without erection; with atrophy of penis. Crushed pain in the testicles (Rhod.). Prolapsus; with pain in left ovary and back, extending forward and downward (right ovary, Pal.); climacteric haemorrhage. Exhausting, fluent coryza with sneezing. Hoarseness; of professional singers, public speakers (Alum., Arum. t.). Total loss of voice of professional singers. Throat and larynx feel raw or sore on swallowing or coughing. Laughing excites cough (Dros., Phos., Stan.) and produces profuse mucus in larynx. When reading aloud has to hem and hawk; cough with easy expectoration of gelatinous, viscid mucus, looking like boiled starch. Great weakness of the chest (Stan.); worse left side. Alternation in timbre of voice with singers and public speakers (Arum t.). Raw spot over bifurcation of the trachea. worse when using voice, talking or singing.

Relation. - Follows well: after, Alum. Similar: to, Stan. in cough excited by laughing.

< Riding in a carriage (Coc.); when touched or pressed upon; talking, singing, reading aloud.