apocynum cannabinum

Excretions diminished, especially urine and sweat. Dropsy of serous membranes; acute, inflammatory. Dropsy: with thirst (Acet. ac.), water disagrees or is vomited (Ars.); most cases uncomplicated with organic diseases; after typhus, typhoid, scarlatina, cirrhosis; after abuse of quinine. Acute hydrocephalus, with open sutures; stupor, sight of one eye lost; constant and voluntary motion of one arm and one leg (left arm and leg, Bry.); forehead projected. Amenorrhoea in young girls, with bloating or dropsical extension of abdomen and extremities. Metorrhagia: continued or paroxysmal flow; fluid or clotted; nausea, vomiting, palpitation; pulse quick, feeble, when moved; vital depression, fainting, when raising head from pillow. Cough, short and dry, or deep and loose, during pregnancy (Con.).