anacardium orientale

Sudden loss of memory; everything seems to be in a dream; patient is greatly troubles about his forgetfulness; confused, unfit for business. Disposed to be malacious, seems bent on wickedness. Irresistible desire to curse and swear (Lac. c., Lil., Nit. ac. - wants to pray continually, Stram.). Lack of confidence in himself and others. Feels as though he had two wills, one commanding him to do what the other forbids. When walking, is anxious, as if some one were pursuing him; suspects everything around him. Weakness of all the senses. Hypochondriac, with haemorrhoids and constipation. Strange temper, laughs at serious matters and is serious over laughable things. Thinks herself a demon; curses and swears. Sensation as of a hoop or band around a part (Cac., Carb. ac., Sulph.). Headache: relieved entirely when eating (Psor.); when lying down in bed at night, and when about falling asleep; worse during motion and work. Gastric and nervous headaches of sedentary persons (Arg. n., Bry., Nux). Apt to choke when eating and drinking (Can. s., Kava kava, Nit. ac.). Swallows foods and drink hastily; symptoms disappear while eating (Kali p., Psor.). Stomach: sensation of fasting "all gone," comes one only when stomach is empty and is > by eating (Chel., Iod.); > during process of digestion (rev. of Bry., Nux). Warts on palms of hands (Nat. m.). Great desire of stool, but with the effort the desire passes away without evacuation; rectum seems powerless, paralyzed, with sensation as if plugged up (irregular peristaltic or over action, Nux).