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Numb, weak, tremulous and paretic. Can't hold up head. Exudations, into pleura, joints, from navel, etc. True metastases; receding gout, etc. Alternations; piles with rheumatism (Coll. Sabi.). Rheumatism, after diarrhoea. Emaciation; ascending; of legs.

Cross, irritable children. Pale hollow eyed, old face. Distended veins; on forehead. Nosebleed; of youths. Vomits much offensive fluid. Stomach floats in water (Buf.). Bloated abdomen. Pains in left ovary. Nightly backache. Weak joints; can't hold up head. Face cold, dry and wrinkled. Cold, prickling, numb fingers and toes. Flabby skin. Protruding piles; burn on touch.