zincum chromatum

Gnawing, grinding ache. Wandering, shock-like pains. Catching stitches, that impede motion.

Averse to work; can't bring herself to it. Inward pressing; in spot on bregma. Throbbing temples; behind ears. Wavering vision. Bad odor within nose. Blows quantities of blood, pus and scabs from nose. Metallic taste. Indefinite cravings. Thoughts of eating are a bugbear. Can't tolerate her hands on abdomen. Dryness in vagina, with a sense of coming unwell; 10-12 A.M. Cough from tickling in throat-pit; expectorate sweet and loose, but had to be swallowed, or tough with spitting spells. Shooting from left larynx up through tonsil into ear. Cutting at apex of heart; at night. Gnawing grinding below and above left scapula. Feet sore. Cramps in toes at night; or grinding gnawing.