Viola odorata


Mind.-- The intellect predominates over the emotions and mind. Increased activity of intellect. Great rush of ideas. Weakness of memory. Sadness terminating in gloomy despondency. Tearful mood without knowing why. Extraordinary irritability and indisposition.

Vertigo.-- Reeling, when sitting.

Head.-- Violent congestion to head with pricking in forehead. Heaviness and sinking down of head. Tension in scalp of forehead and occiput, which spreads over upper part of face.

Eyes.-- Falling of lids, as from a sleepy feeling in eyes. Burning in. Short sight.

Ears.-- Sticking in and around. Aversion to noise, especially to the violin.

Nose.-- Numbness of tip.

Face.-- Hot forehead. Tension under eyes and over nose, extending into temples. Pressive pain in zygoma.

Teeth.-- Tearing toothache in lower jaw.

Mouth.-- Dry and painfully sore palate.

Stool.-- Constipated.

Respiration.-- Extraordinary oppression and tightness, as if a stone were lying on chest. Difficult right, with painful expiration, anxiety and palpitation.

Generalities.-- Transient burning, now here, now there on body, as though' parts were drawn together and burned with a small flame. Trembling limbs. Relaxation of all muscles. Great nervous weakness. The symptoms are indeed mild, yet they are much more distinctly felt than from other medicines. Position and surroundings do not alter them.

Fever.-- Pulse full and strong. Chill: By day, consisting of shuddering only.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Nux-v., Phos.