viburnum opulus

Violent nervous or spasmodic effects; in females. Can't keep still. Cramping. Hæmorrhage.

Faint on sitting up. Left parietal pain. Snuffles. Frequent, profuse urination; during headache, menses, hæmorrhage, etc. Heavy ache or excruciating cramps in pelvis; > menses. Dysmenorrhœa; with flatulency, loud eructations and nervousness. Miscarriage. False labor pains. Violent, persistent after-pains. Uterine hæmorrhage. Suffocation, at night; < cold damp. Infantile asthma. Pains in back, end in a cramp in uterus or go down face of thighs. Cramps in calves before menses. Tettery spots on cheeks, arms, etc.