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Mind.-- Great distraction. Constant rush of thoughts, phantasies and voluptuous imagery. Angry and peevish with desire for work and company. Unusual cheerfulness. Great cowardice.

Vertigo.-- Attacks of, when resting left cheek on hand. Stupefying.

Head.-- Pressive ache be numbing on side of forehead and extending into temples and zygoma. Stupefying stitches deep, in baring. Tension and pain as though' temples were pinched together, generally confined to one side of head. Worse: External pressure, going from a warm into cold place or the reverse.

Eyes.-- Burning in. Sensation of contraction in orbits. Short sight.

Ears.-- Inward tearing in. Deafness as though' something had fallen before evening. When reading aloud, sensation of stoppage of ears, nose or larynx.

Nose.-- Stuffed coryza.

Face.-- Tension and violent pressure on zygoma and articular eminences of temporal bone, like prosopalgia. Face-ache: Burning pressure and tension extending over entire cheek, from zygoma and maxillary joint, especially worse or excited by a change of temperature. Tension in integuments of chin, in masseter muscles and throat.

Teeth.-- Tearing in lower molars.

Mouth.-- Foul odor from. Tongue coated brown early in morning.

Stomach.-- Appetite: Hunger without appetite. Much thirst.

Erucations: Bitter, with nausea.

Abdomen.-- Pressing pain on navel, worse bending forward. Constriction and piercing pain in umbilical region. Sticking bellyache. Tearing loose pain in umbilical region.

Stool.-- Retarded. In small, hard balls, like sheep dung, passed with strong pressing.

Urine.-- Frequent urging to urinate with profuse discharge.

Cough.-- Hoarse, from tickling in trachea and chest, dry, hollow, in deep trumpet tones, from catarrh of tracheas, especially of children, which does not awake them from sleep in evening and at night.

Larynx, etc.-- Hoarseness with rough voice from reading aloud. Deep bass voice, Roughness and dryness in and in tracheas.

Chest.-- Constriction in. Pressure on. Benumbing, periodical stitches in. Tension over chest with stitches in cardiac region, in evening after lying down Catarrhal affections. Sticking or cutting pains at cartilages of ribs. Better: Deep breathing.

Back.-- Stitches in, also under scapulae.

Lower Extremities.-- Great weariness of

Generalities.-- Sticking pains in limbs. Cramp-like pressure in limbs. Pins are mostly associated with a feeling of numbness. The symptoms are excited and intensified by changes of temperature, namely, when going from open air into room and vice versa.

Sleep.-- Great sleepiness after eating. Early waking toward 4 o'clock.

Fever.-- Chill and unilateral shivering, as though' dashed with cold water. Internal and external cold feeling of entire body. Chill and coldness predominate.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ang., Mez., Phos., Puls., Ran-b.