veratrum viride

SUDDEN VIOLENT CONGESTION; cerebellar or thoracic; with nausea and vomiting, weakness, staggering, etc. Markedly uneasy. Trembling here and there during sleep, as if on the verge of convulsions. Muscle prostration. General pulsation. Erratic motions. Spasms; with twitchings, shrieks or opisthotonos; before or after menses; as a prodrome. Eclampsia. Uræmia. Burnings; in places; tongue, pharynx, gullet; of skin, which is cold; with prickling. Lies with head low.

Loquacity. Mania; puerperal. Delirium, with wild staring eyes and restless hands. Carphology. Head, thrown back; nodding or rolling motions; throbs on raising up; aches on vertex and between eyes. Pains up occiput, with dim vision and dilated pupils. Vision, of red spots; purple, on closing eyes. Deafness, < quick motion. LIVID, TURGID FACE, BUT BECOMES FAINT ON SITTING UP. Apoplexy. Heat stroke. Tension across malar bones. Chewing motions. Red or dry streak down center of tongue. Foul breath. Nausea, with vomiting and purging. Vomiting; violent, without nausea. Hiccough. Œsophagitis. Stomach seems to press against spine. Gastritis. Abdomen aches; cutting at navel. Slow, heavy breathing; as of a weight on chest. Dyspnœa. Violent cough from very start. Pneumonia. Dull, burning ache at heart. Aching neck and shoulders. Vesicles on hands. Cramps in feet, dorsæ, soles, etc. Dreams of water. Full, large, soft pulse or slow, with strong or violent heart beat. Hyperpyrexia or rapidly oscillating temperature; with sweat. Sepsis. Burning in chest. Clothes feel damp. Cold, clammy sweat. Cerebro-spinal fever.