valeriana officinalis

Suddenly changeable disposition and symptoms. Alternations and want of reaction. Pains move outward; are here and there or come and go. Illusions; of smell, taste or hearing. Sense of floating; of a ball or plug. Globus. Impulse to move. Jerks. Weak single parts; eyes, arms, wrists, popliteƦ, etc.

NERVOUS, excitable and weak; wriggles or squirms about; inclined to faint. Anger. Very mobile ideas, going from one extreme to another. Hysteria. Luminosities, before eyes in dark. Objects seem too near eyes. Greasy or rancid taste. As of a thread in throat. Eructations, like bad eggs. Hunger, with nausea; as if from navel. Gastric cramp. Flatulence. Colic. Polyuria. Strangling on dropping to sleep. Crampy pain in left humerus, wakes from sleep. Heels pain when sitting. Coldness in upper head. Chills start and go down back from occiput. Fever composed of disagreeable heat only. Sudden gushes of sweat.