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Mind.-- Excessive mental excitement, with hallucinations of vision, hearing and the senses in general, as in pyrexial fevers. Uncommonly rapid change of ideas. Anxiousness. Fearfulness in evening in the dark. Hypochondriacal restlessness or excitability with trembling. Despondent mood. Morbidly excitable and irritable. Hysteria, with tremulous over - excitability of the nerves and very changeable moods and ideas.

Vertigo.-- And stupefaction, as from intoxication, ending in fore headache, especially in the evening.

Head.-- Violent congestion to. In the evening, unilateral, stupefying, drawing, pressive ache extending into orbits, with heat in face. Hysterical headache, sticking or pressing extending from fore head into orbits. From a draft of air there immediately follows unilateral, drawing headache. Headache in sunshine. Cold feeling in the whole upper part of head, from pressing hat on tightly. Jerk - like, suddenly appearing head pains. Worse: Evening, open air, during rest. Better: Motion change of position, in the room.

Eyes.-- Inflamed, with biting and sticking of edges of lids. Short sight. Dim vision. Hallucinations of vision. Black points before. In the evening in the dark, luminosity before eyes, as the one could see surrounding objects.

Face.-- Red cheeks, with heat off., especially in open air. Cramp - like drawing in the cheek bones.

Teeth.-- Sticking or drawing ache.

Stomach.-- Great weakness of digestion. Instantaneous pressure ascending from abdomen into pit of.

Taste: As of putrid fallow in mouth. Illusions of taste, smell and hearing.

Eructations: Frequent, empty, Rancid, as from heartburn. Foul, early in morning. Like rotten eggs.

Nausea, etc. Qualmishness, with inclination to vomit, as if a string were drawn upward from umbilicus into fauces, with copious accumulation of saliva. Qualmishness and vomiting of bile, with coldness and chill.

Abdomen.-- Hard, distended. Suppurative pain, in evening. Worm colic Bruised pain in. Hysterical colic (also after suppressed menses). Pain, as from over-lifting, in the left loin. Bloated feeling, with inclination to draw it in.

Stools.-- Tendency to diarrhoea. Greenish, papescent, with blood. Passes ascarides.

Urine.-- Frequent and profuse discharge of.

Respiration.-- Oppressed from pressure on lower part of chest.

Chest.-- Sudden jerks and twitching stitches, with a feeling of outward pressure.

Upper Extremities.-- Trembling hands.

Generalities.-- Rheumatic tearing in limbs, less in joints, during rest, particularly after previous exercise, better by motion however. Twitching, jerk - like, suddenly - appearing, shattering pains which are abated by a change of position. Violent up and down drawing in muscles of extremities. Paralytic pain in joints Hyperaesthesia of all the senses and general nervous excitability. Hysterical complaints. The symptoms are intensified toward noon and during the first hours of the afternoon, as well as toward evening until midnight. Many complaints reappear periodically after two or three months.

Sleep.-- Sleeplessness, with great restlessness and tossing about.

Fever.-- Pulse: Very irregular and unequal, mostly very quick and somewhat tense, but also sometimes small and weak. Chill: In short attacks which soon pass into a protracted heat. The shivering usually starts from neck and runs down back. Heat: Predominant, long continued, and universal, often with sweat on face. Spreading over face. Increased in evening and when eating. Predominating heat, with thirst. Sweat: Profuse, especially at night and during motion, with continued great heat. Frequent, instantaneous attacks of s., especially on face and forehead, which disappear just as quickly.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Aco., Asar., Bell., Cham., Coff., Hyos., Ign., Merc., Nux-v., Puls., Stann., Sul.