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Obscure, changeful indications. Susceptible, given to relapses, increasing exhaustion and lowered vitality. Rapid breakdown (Lyc.). Takes cold easily; ends in diarrhœa. TUBERCULAR TAINT. Scrofula. Quiverings.

SENSITIVE; every trifle irritates; < awaking. Fits of violent temper. Dissatisfied; always wants a change; reckless. Fear; of dogs. Confusion. Shooting from over eyes to occiput. Head pains; deep; violent; tears hair or beats head, < motion. Brain feels loose. Sensitive scalp. Eczema tarsi. Sweat on nose. Old, dingy look. Aching malar bones. Teeth; feel jammed; sensitive to air. Delayed dentition. Dryness in mouth; in choanæ. Sticky mouth. Hawks mucus after eating. Adenoids. Craves cold milk, or sweets. Drum belly. Brown, foul, watery, explosive stools. Tearing in rectum on coughing. Bed-wetting. Sticky urinary sediment. Menses soon after child bearing. Frightful dysmenorrhœa. AIR HUNGER. Hoarseness, > talking. Dyspnœa, < cough. Cough; fits of; with chill and red face; < evening; < raising arms. Mucus rattle in chest, without expectoration. Pneumonia; of grippe. Asthma. Sore spot in chest. Heaviness at heart. Tension in nape. Skin: dry, harsh; sensitive, easily tanned; itching in cool air. Brown fingertips. Branny scales. Many enlarged glands. Dreams, frightful, vivid; of shame; awakes in horror. Chilly; yet wants fresh air. Cold feet; < left; in bed. Heat; on cheek of affected side; flushes of; in spots; burning; on genitals; < eating. Sweat; easy; cold; clammy; in upper parts; on hands; < coughing. Clothes feel damp. Wants covers in all stages.