Splitting sensation; chest; ensiform appendix; spine. Clutchings. Chokings. Wants to lie down. Nervousness. Faintness. Rapid emaciation.

Tired and irritable. Heavy ache over eyes. Falling hair. Nose dry, indoors, moist in open air (Nux-v.). Dry, red lips. Metallic taste, at tip of tongue. Dry throat and larynx. As of a splinter stuck across throat. Cutting in liver, < deep breathing. Rolling flatulence with gurgling, then a loose, gassy stool. Bearing or aching down thro' pelvis, into anterior thighs. Gnawing in uterus. Cough on entering a warm room from cool air. Heart; palpitation, hammering; beat felt in ears; pains, radiating into axillæ; clutching, causing short breath. As if blood were rushing downward through body. Hypertrophy; after hard labor. Numb left finger, then right leg. Large veins on arms and hands. Very dry skin. As of a cold wind blowing on body. Icy cold left hand. Cold clammy hands. Hot flushes, then chills, or drenching sweats (Amy-n.). Oily, musty sweat.