Thuja occidentalis


Mind.-- Fixed ideas, that a stranger is always at his side, that mind and body are separated. Vacancy in head, with inability to think. Slow speech, with frequent interruption, because he is obliged to hunt for his words. Restlessness. Great depression. He meditates over every tiff, with anxious concern for the future. Dejection. Satiety of life. He imagines his limbs are made of glasses or that they are brittle.

Vertigo.-- On closing eyes, immediately better on opening them again. When rising from sitting. As though' he were rocked.

Head.-- Feeling of numbness and emptiness and inverted. Violent congestion. Heaviness in occiput early in morning, with peevishness and taciturnity. Numbness in brain. Pair as if a nail were driven into vertex. Pressive ache, as of a nail being driven into vertex. Worse: Early on awaking and toward evening, motion. Better: Uncovering head, after sweat. Motion in open air, looking upwards, bending head backwards.

External Head.-- Painfulness of scalp, when touched, and of the parts of which he lies. He always desire to have the head closely wrapped up. (Lach., Rhus-t.) Corrosive eating or painfulness of side lain on. Violent burning or tearing stitches on, mostly in region of temples (l.) Crawling, eating or sticking itching, as of vermin on occiput and temples, scratching helps but develops a moist burning or sticking eruption which covers itself with crusts. Worse: Warmth of bed, lying on part, evening, night, three PM. Better: Touch, pressure, rubbing.

Eyes.-- Suffused, especially in the open air, the tears do not flow down, but remain in the eyes. Inflammatory relaxation of the inner surface of the lid Burning in. Tearing in, in open air. Red sclerotic. Inflammatory swelling of lids. Short - sight. Vision: On one side, near they eye, an appearance in darkness as of flashes of lightning or of sparks, in day light as of dark drops. Objects always appear smaller. (Plat., Stram.)

Ears.-- Cramp - like pain in external. Stitches extending from throat into. Noise in, as of boiling water.

Nose.-- Warts on. Eruptions in angles of. Swelling and hardness of alae. Odor in, as of herring bring or fermenting beer. Nose bleed when overheated. Painful bloody crusts in. Blowing blood from. In room stuffed coryza with headache, in open air fluent coryza. Fluent coryza and sneezing give immediate relief. Much mucus in choncha.

Face.-- Glowing redness of whole f. with a fine network of blood vessels, as if it were marbled. Eruption on, leaving bluish spots. Light brown spots (freckles) on. The skin of, is oily. The skin of, scabs off. Distension of veins of temples. Burning heat and redness of. Flushes of heat in. Pimples on. Sweat on, especially on side on which he does not lie. Swelled temporal arteries. Boring pain in zygoma, better from touch. Twitchings in lips. Pimples on upper lip and chin. Lips, etc.: Flat whitish ulcers on inner side of lips and in corners of mouth. Cracking in maxillary joint.

Teeth.-- Crumbling. Decaying at roots. Become hollow on the side, while the crown is not affected. Eating, gnawing pain in hollow t., worse cold. Biting gnawing in, worse from cold food, drinks and chewing. Toothache from drinking tea. Painful soreness and swelling of gums.

Mouth.-- Painful soreness of throat when swallowing saliva. Vesicles and thrush in. Swelled tongue. Ranula under tongue. Slow speech. Gelatinous ranula. Swelling and feeling of obstruction in throat.

Throat.-- Painful swallowing, worse empty swallowing or swallowing saliva only. Noisy swallowing.

Stomach.-- Painful pressure in pit. Cramps every evening. Indurated. Epigastrium is drawn in.

Appetite: Quickly satiated. Desire for cold food and drinks. Bad effects of fat food and onions. Intense thirst, especially at night and early in morning Aversion to potatoes. Bad effects of tea, sugar or onions.

Taste: Flat. Food is tasteless, as though' not salted. When chewed, food becomes quite cry. Bread tastes dry and bitter. Like rotten eggs in mouth in AM

Eructations: While eating. Bitter. Rancid, after fat food. Tasting of ingesta. Vomiting: Greasy.

Abdomen.-- Inflation of Bellyache. Sense of something alive, or a child's knee pushing outward within. Agg. after midnight. Indurations in. Colic from intussusception (Lyc.) and twisting of intestines. Painful swelling of inguinal glands. Zona. Yellow, or brownish spots on. Soreness of navel. Flatulence like the crying of an animal in.

Stool.-- Ineffectual urging accompanied by erections. Diarrhoea recurring at the same hour in AM Fat, oily stools, obstinate constipation, as from inactivity or intussusception of bowels. Difficult passage of a hard, thick, nodular stool.

Anus.-- Contraction of. Fig. Warts about Rectal fistula. Offensive sweat at a and between nates. Painful contraction of, at stool. Condylomata about. Soreness of perineum: Sweat on. Knotty puffiness and excoriations on.

Urine.-- Profuse discharge of With a cloudy sediment. Burning and itching in urethra Dribbling after urination continued. Frothy urine. Saccharine urine. Worse from 5 to nine PM, better lying.

Sexual Organs.-- Swelled prepuce Figwarts (Merc-c.) on glans, prepuce, or female genitals, which exude moisture and pus, especially during the increasing moon Sycotic gonorrhea. Gonorrhea of glans. Copious watery discharge from penis Stitches in penis, with urging to urinate Sensation, as through' drop trickled along urethra. Profuse sweat on scrotum. Painful nightly erections. Swelling and excoriation of labia. Genitals: Copious sweat on, of a sweet honey like odor, staining yellow. Abortion in 3rd month.

Respiration.-- Anxious oppression of, with violent thirst for cold water. Dyspnoea, From accumulation of mucus in trachea, from fullness and constriction in hypochondria and epigastrium, as if lungs adhered to thorax. Short and difficult.

Cough.-- From being over - heated. Cough, with yellowish mucous expectoration and pains in epigastrium, in afternoon and at night, always toward three o'clock. Only a day time, also after rising in AM and after lying down in evening, but seldom at night. During evening cough, after lying down the sputa are dislodged more easily when he turns from the left side of the right Expectoration, tasting like old cheese.

Chest.-- Compression of, with a sensation as though' something were adherent therein. Stitches in, after cold drinks. Strong ebullition of blood within, with violent, audible palpitation. Blueness of skin audible palpitation. Blueness of skin over clavicles. Sensation of a hot rising in of drops falling in. Brownish spots on. Heart: Anxious palpitation in morning on awaking.

Back.-- Boils. Pressive pain in region of kidneys. Crampy pain in lumbar region. Burning from sacrum up to scapula. Throbbing and pulsation in.

Neck: Blue distended veins on. Tension in skin of nape.

Upper Extremities.-- Sticking pain in arms and their joints. Muscular twitches in arms. Distension of blood vessels of arms. Cold sweat on hands. Painful swelling and redness of finger tips Coldness and deadness of fingers and fingers tips. Herpes: On elbow, white scabby on back of hands and on fingers. Brown color on back of hands. Warts on hands. Erysipelatous swelling of finger tips, with formication in them. Finger nails, distorted, crumbling and discolored.

Lower Extremities.-- Stitches in muscles and joints of legs. Weariness of legs when ascending steps. Red, mottled spots on backs of feet. Painful, inflammatory swelling and redness of backs of feet and tips of toes. Frost bites. Laxness in hip joints. Legs feel as if made of wood when walking. Pain in the hip, the limb becomes larger than before. The skin becomes brown, especially on inner side of thigh The back of the foot looks mottled, with a network of blood - vessels. Burning corns. Red swelling of ends of toes. The toenails are brittle and distorted. Offensive sweating of toes. Suppressed footsweat.

Generalities.-- Jerkings, especially in upper part of body. Stitches in limbs and joints. Asleep sensation in limbs. Averse to motion. Symptoms are often unilateral especially on left side. Warmth of bed intensifies many symptoms Attacks are usually worse in afternoon and at night, always toward three o'clock and also in evening, and are better during rest. Sensation of water tricking in many parts. Emaciation rapid and the affected parts look dead. Frequent starting up of the trunk. Flesh feels beaten loose from the bones. Light feeling of body when walking. Sense of tenderness and fragility of body. Cracking of joints when they are extended. Abuse of Sulph. and Mercury. Symptoms recur yearly. Pains in spots Great prostration. Cold moisture worse warm moisture better. Eructations as well as fluent coryza with sneezing afford instant relief. Many symptoms are relieved by turning from left to right side while lying down. Bad effects of the use of beer, fat, acids, sweets, tobacco, tea, wine and onions.

Bones.-- Rachitis.

Skin.-- Dirty brown color of Brownish spots on. Brown - red or brown - white spots on. Fine network of blood vessels, like a mantling. Eruption on covered parts only. Vesicles. Varicella. All eruptions burn violently after cold washing. Condylomata, often smelling like old cheese or herring brine. Large, jagged, often pediculated warts which become moist and bleed easily. Itching scabby herpes. Dry pityriasis throwing off whitish scabs. Herpes circinatus. Flat ulcers with a bluish white bottom. Corrosive itching. Better scratching, but then followed by burning. Luxuriant growth of hair on parts usually hairless. Sticking itching. Painful sensitiveness. The skin symptoms especially (but also many others) are better by touch. Fig - warts. Distend veins under.

Sleep.-- Continued sleeplessness with painfulness of parts lain on. Sleeplessness visions appear as soon as eyes close but leave on opening them. Zoster. Late falling to, on account of restlessness and dry heat. Jerking during. Unrefreshing. because of many anxious dreams. Anxious dreams when lying on left side. Lascivious dreams, with painful erections.

Fever.-- Pulse: Intermittent. Slow and weak in morning, accelerated and full in evening. Violent ebullition of blood in evening. Strong throbbing in arteries. Great distension of arteries. Chill: Cold creeping often run through' back, in evening and night. Chill as if dashed in cold water. Attacks of c., at different times of day, mostly toward evening. On left side of body which is cold to touch. Without thirst after midnight and early in morning. Internal, with external heat and great thirst. Heat: Dry, during sleep. In evening, especially on face. Burning in face without redness thereof. Dry, of covered parts. Sweat: Staining brownish yellow. On first going to sleep. Of uncovered parts of body, with dry head of covered parts, but also the reveres. Anxious, sometimes cold s. Immediately after the chill, without heat. Often greasy, sometimes offensive or smelling sweetish like honey. Copious, before menses. Cadaverous odor of skin. General sweat, except on head. Most copious on upper part of body: During sleep, ceasing at once on awaking. Copious, chiefly on head, when walking in open air in morning.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Anac., Ant-c., AP., ARS., Bar-c., BELL., Calc-c. Cam., Carb-a., Carb-v. Caust., Chin., Euphr. Ferr., GRAPH., Hep., Iod., Kali-c., Lach., Lyc., Merc., MEZ., Nat-s., Nit-ac., Petr., PHOS, Phos-ac., Plat., Plb., Puls., Rhus-t., SENEG., Sep., Sil., Spig., Staph., Sul.

Complementary: Nat-m., Nit-ac., Puls., Sil., SUL.