Kidneys affected, with rheumatism. Sudden, grippy aching. Stiff, sore muscles. Pain; excites urination; along larger nerves. Burning; tip of tongue, epigastrium; small of back; kidney; uterus, etc. Congestion. HÆMORRHAGE; passive; oozing mucous surfaces.

Exhausted and sensitive. Smooth, sore, glossy tongue. Bruised, sore abdomen and bladder. Flatulence. Tympanites. Ascites. Profuse mucous stools. Burning or pains along ureters. Strangury. Urine; smoky; with coffee grounds or thick, yellow, slimy, muddy sediment; odor of violets; bloody. Nephritis; early; scarlatinal; with violent bronchitis. Cystitis. Bleeding bladder. Pains alternate between bladder and navel. Metritis. Bronchial asthma. Hands feel swelled. Cramp in knees. Advancing purpuric spots. Drowsiness. Rapid pulse. Heat under skin. Cold sweat on legs.