tellurium metallicum

Offensive; like putrid fish brine or garlic. Salty; taste; mucus from throat; pus, etc. Acrid discharges; excite itching, vesicles, etc. Periostitis. Numbness. Sharp, quick pains, then soreness. Sense of retention.

Vertigo; < falling to sleep. Linear head pains. Thick tarsi. Inflamed, bluish, puffy ears. Otitis. Fluent coryza, hoarseness and watery eyes. Twitching face; pains jerk angle (l) of mouth up. Rancid belching. Retching, ends in yawning. Stomach feels hollow. Sprained pain in chest muscles, over heart, < raising arms. Very sensitive or sore spine. Deep sciatic pain, < coughing, sneezing, straining or lying. Itching, pricking, as from bugs. Circular eruptions. Ringworm. Burning in an old scar. Chills down spine, < lying on back.