tarentula hispanica

VIOLENCE; sudden. Restless, fidgety, hurried; in incessant motion, but walking <. Rolls from side to side (Am-c. Ars. Lach.); < head, and rubs it. Quivering. Numb prickling. Jerking. Twitching. Chorea. Synalgias; sexual (Ap.). Violent pain. Sepsis; deep. Emaciation; < face.

Averse to green colors. Dances up and down. Sensitive and nervous. Nervous laughter, then screams. Lacks control. Erratic. Impulsive. Selfish. Suddenly changing moods, fancies or strength. Hysteria. Hateful, adroit, crafty, cunning and destructive or depraved (Buf.). Throws things. Malingering. Kleptomania. Angry despair. Death agony. Vertigo, then spasms. As of needles pricking brain. Heavy left parietal ache to face and neck, with impatience and nausea. Sleepless; from excitement. Violent, crushing headache, as an accompaniment. Meningitis. Thick tears. Expression of horror. Face fiery red; bloated. Craves raw foods. Heaviness in pelvis. Stool; oily; excited by washing head. Foul urine, with sandy sediment. Sensitive genitals. Sexual erethism. Hot semen. Dry, hot, raw, itching vulva and vagina, < scratching. Motions or burning in uterus. Cancer of cervix. Leucorrhœa of clear, acrid, sticky lumps. SUFFOCATION; must have fresh air; < coughing. Cough, > smoking, < noise. Heart, twists around; takes sudden jump. Chorea cordis, with arm symptoms; < hands in cold water. Painfully sensitive spine; touch excites pains in heart, chest, etc. (Bell.). Restless arms; keeps hands busy; picks fingers. Restless legs; impulse to walk. Festination. Cold, moist feet and hands. Itching soles. Sawing bone pains. Skin, purplish (Sol-n.); ecchymotic; cold spots or as of cold water flowing or dropping on part. Suppuration; deep; evacuates pus rapidly. Noma. Alternate chill and heat. General heat, with cold feet. Fever; septic. Sweat, profuse; excoriating.