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Mind.-- Irresolution. Despondency and discontent. Averse to work. Loquacity, with inclination to joke and laugh.

Vertigo.-- Reeling on walking in open air.

Head.-- Pressive pains. Sensation of constriction or distension of brain. Tearing in occiput. Only when walking or standing is he sensible of headache.

Eyes.-- Sticking burning in. Photophobia.

Ears.-- Sticking and tearing in, and behind.

Face.-- Reed, with sensation of heat. Pustules on cheeks, wings of nose and angle of mouth. Upper lip cracked.

Teeth.-- Sour blood exudes from hollow teeth. Dullness of. Drawing in hollow teeth, it extends into eyebrows.

Mouth.-- Accumulation of sour water in. Dry feeling in throat. Larynx feels pressed shut. Hawking of sour mucus which dulls the teeth. Thick white coat on tongue, peeling off in patches which afterward become very sensitive.

Stomach.-- Appetite: Aversion to tobacco smoke.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth, before eating. Saltish sour, of food, especially of butter and meat

Nausea: With anxiety and headache. And inclination to vomit after fat foods.

Abdomen.-- Sticking bellyache, especially in sides of. Sensation of bubbles bursting within.

Stool.-- Ineffectual urging. Is passed with difficulty even when not hard.

Rectum.-- Perineum: Voluptuous itching on, compelling him to scratch.

Urine.-- Frequent urging to urinate, with profuse discharge. Polyuria.

Chest.-- Pressive pain in. Sticking in. Twitching in intercostal muscles.

Back.-- Bubbling and rumbling in scapulae, with chill over entire body. Pressive sticking in spine and small of back, with oppression of breathing.

Neck: Twitching and sticking in muscles of, and of nape. Tearing from ear downward along sides of.

Upper Extremities.-- Twitching in muscles of arm. Icy cold finger tips.

Lower Extremities.-- Sticking in thighs, calves and soles of feet. Burning in knees, lower legs and toes. Pains in, worse at rest.

Generalities.-- The limbs are movable enough, but it seems as though' power of motion were impeded. Painfulness of all limbs to touch, and when in a false position. Sense of weariness through' power of motion were impeded. Painfulness of all limbs to touch, and when in a false position. Sense of weariness through' entire body, with inclination to sit or lie, with impaired consciousness. Most symptoms appear when sitting or standing and cease when walking.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness and falling to sleep when listening to scientific discourses. Day sleepiness and yawning when sitting.

Fever.-- Chill: and chilliness, especially after eating and drinking. General c. with headache. Shivering c., in open air. Heat: At night when awaking. especially on face and hands. Sweat: Very profuse throughout whole night, but most in first sleep before midnight. Very exhausting biting s., on skin.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Con., Kali-c., Puls., Valer.