Sulphuricum acidum


Mind.-- Peevishness. Seriousness alternating with too great hilarity. Great tearfulness. Restlessness and impatience. Great irritability.

Head.-- Sensation as of smoke in one side. Concussion, as if brain were loose. Painful jerks and thrusts in forehead and temples. Headache, as if a plug were rapidly thrust by increasingly severe blows into head. Dull sticking, or pressive head pains, increasing gradually, then suddenly disappearing. Worse: Forenoon and evening, walking, in open air, standing, sitting. Better: sitting quietly in a warm room.

External Head.-- Hair turns gray early and falls out, with an eruption and erosive sore pain on scalp, which changes place when scratched.

Eyes.-- Burning pressure in eyes. Tears in, when reading. Difficult opening of lids. Short sight.

Ears.-- Diminished hearing, as though a leaf lay before. Roaring, in evening

Nose.-- Dark nosebleed in evening. Stuffed coryza, with loss of taste and smell.

Face.-- Pale. Swollen sensation in, accompanied by a feeling as though' white of egg had dried thereon. Peeling lips. Pain extending from lower jaw into tongue, as though' glands were swollen. Swelled submaxillary glands.

Teeth.-- Dull. Tearing ache, worst in evening after lying down, intensified by cold and ameliorated by warmth.

Mouth.-- Sense of dryness in. Aphthae in children. Roughness in throat. Profuse salivation. Burning in oesophagus.

Stomach.-- Grasping in, every evening, as after taking cold. Sensitiveness of pit. Pressure in pit. Unless mixed with a little spirits every drink chills stomach.

Hypochondria: Stitches: in hepatic region, in spleen.

Appetite: Desire for fresh fruit, especially plums.

Eructations: Sour or bitter. Violent heartburn. Sweetish gulping up (after every cough) Waterbrash.

Nausea: IN stomach, with the chill. Vomiting, first of water then ingesta.

Abdomen.-- Sense of warmth in umbilical region. Nightly cutting in. Labor - like pains extending into hips and small of back. Flatulent colic with a feeling as though' a hernia would appear. Violent protrusion of an inguinal hernia.

Stool.-- Ineffectual urging to. Delayed, compact, hard, nodular and black. Hacked (in children). Green, curdled diarrhoea, smelling like rotten eggs. Very foul smelling.

Urine.-- Diminished discharge of brown urine, which, upon standing, m becomes turbid like loam water.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse. Acrid, burning leucorrhoea.

Cough.-- Asthmatic, excited by an irritation in the chest, dry in evening, in morning, with expectoration of dark blood or a thin. Yellowish, sometimes blood streaked mucus, generally sour, but often salty or sweet. Dry, early in morning after rising. Chronic hemoptysis. Much worse in open air. Always followed by eructations.

Larynx.-- Roughness in. Hoarseness.

Chest.-- Stitches. Tight. Extraordinary sense of weakness in. Stitches in heart. Palpitation with or without anxiety.

Back.-- Stiff, early in morning when rising.

Generalities.-- Drawing and tearing through' entire body, even in face. Stitches in joints. Pain, as of an instrument pressing against part, gradually increasing then suddenly ceasing. Effects of pressure, blows or contusions of dull instruments. Weakness of entire body with, a feeling as though' he were trembling. He is not so well in open air. The left side is principally affected. Most symptoms appear or are aggravated in the afternoon of toward evening. Also worse in AM Very suitable for females, especially in the climacteric. Aggravation or most symptoms from the odor (not use) of coffee, and pains which suddenly vanish, furnish indications which hardly ever deceive.

Tissues.-- Glands painfully sensitive.

Skin.-- Bluish spots, like extravasation of blood after contusions. Easy excoriation from walking or riding. Red, itching spots upon skin bone. Frost bites Eating.

Sleep.-- He falls to sleep late and awakens early. Sleeplessness, as from activity.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small and weak, but accelerated. Chill: During day, mostly when in a 100m, better motion in open air. Frequent shuddering run down over body. Heat: In evening, also after lying down in bed. Frequent flashes of heat, in evening, especially after motion. Attacks of over - running heat, with concomitant sweat (during climacteric period). Sweat: Most profuse on upper part of body. Profuse, in early morning. From every exertion, continuing long after sitting down. Sour, Cold, immediately after eating warm food.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., (CAUST.), Chin, Dig., Fer., Flu. ac., Ip., Lach., Merc-c. Plb., PULS.

Complementary: Puls.