sulfuricum acidum

Suited to topers, old age, etc. Disproportionate weakness. TREMOR; INTERNAL; wants to be held. Sourness. Erosion. Profuse, acrid or stringy discharges. Hæmorrhage; violent; black, thin. Parts feel stiff and tight. Pain increases slowly, then suddenly ceases. Gnawing. Great painfulness. As of a blunt plug being driven in.

Hurried, irascible, vacillating and morose. Brain feels loose. Deathly pale or wrinkled face; white of egg seems dried on it. Congestion to head. Aphthæ. Throat sore; looks white-washed. Pyrosis. Hiccough; of drunkards. Sour belching; sets teeth on edge. Nausea. Vomiting; < lying on left side. Weak, sinking at stomach, < after stool. Drinks chill the stomach. Very foul, green, black or hacked diarrhœa. Oozing piles. Coughs, then belches; bloody expectoration. Fingers jerk when writing. Weak knees. Black and blue spots. Petechiæ. HOT flushes, then trembling or cold sweat; < after warm ingesta; < upper parts; > motion. Drenching sweats.