sulfur iodatum

Grippy feeling. Weak; and sensitive to everything. Faint and sick. Raw, burning heat, internally, with external coldness. Acrid discharges. Single parts, fingers, etc., turn white and insensible. Suppuration. Infiltration. Favors reabsorption.

Headache, > sundown. Hair seems erect. Zigzags before vision. Teeth feel soft. Glazed tongue. Raw, dry mouth and throat; painful swallowing; wants to moisten it. Tremor in epigastrium on exertion. Mesenteric disease. Bright yellow stools. Stubborn obstipation. Foul anal discharge. Urine scanty; purulent; brown sand in. Soft testes. Deficient erections. Cracked prepuce. Aching soreness below knees. Itching. Ulcers. Moist eczema. Acne. Barber's itch.