strophanthus hispidus

Stitches. Twitchings. Increased secretions. Alternations; rapid, with slow pulse; surgings to head and heart; dilated, with contracted pupils, etc. Undulations. Throbbing.

Fear of ordeals. Feels lifted up, during siesta. Vertigo, with swimming vision. Faintness. Very mobile puplis. Glimmering vision. Red spots on face. Throat seems constricted. Craves coffee. Anorexia. Vomiting. Rumbling, colicky diarrhœa; with burning at anus. HEART; sense of lively action; aching; anguish at; weak. Palpitation; chronic, especially nervous. Cardiac dyspnœa. Atheroma. Small, weak, rapid or irregular pulse. Heavy forearms and fingers. Itching feet. Hives; receding.