strontium carbonicum

Congestive tension. Fleeting pains; seemingly in bones. Rheumatism. Burning. Gnawing. Pains increase and decrease gradually or make him faint and sick all over. Violent starts. Immobility; of one side. Œdema. Sense of paralytic weakness. Emaciation. Prostration after operations. Formication in limbs. Arterio-sclerosis.

Headaches; into upper jaw; with vertigo and nausea. Violent pain in nape, > wraps. Very pale or violently red face. Numb mouth. Pressure in stomach during digestion. Cramp about navel. Hard, knotty, difficult stool, then burning at anus. Exhausting, nightly diarrhœa, of yellow water; periodically. Pale, ammoniacal urine. As of a load on chest. Heart feels smothered. Heart block. Numb hands. Sprained or puffed ankles. Cramp in calves and soles. Surgical shock. Flushes of heat; in face; yet averse to uncovering. Night-sweats; climacteric.