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Mind.-- Uneasiness and anxiety. Peevish and inclined to anger and vehemence.

Head.-- Tensive pain externally as well as internally, as if it were distended and the scalp too small, it extends into the upper jaw increasing gradually and decreasing in the same way. Sticking headache. Sense of heat in and in the red face, with anxiety and sleepiness. Worse: Evening, lying with head low, in cold. Better: In warmth, especially of sun.

Eyes.-- Pressive pain on upper surface of eyeball. Burning in. Pressive pain, after rubbing them, which causes one to see blue or red rings. Green spots before, when in the dark. Weak.

Nose.-- Twitching and quivering of. Hardened, bloody nasal mucus.

Face.-- Red with burning heat of. Violent burning and tearing pain in.

Teeth.-- Jerking ache. Violent tearing, preceded by increased saliva. Toothache, like a screwing together sensation.

Mouth.-- Numb sensation in. Inflammation of fauces and throat. Heat coming from mouth and nose, with thirst.

Stomach.-- Pressure in, which disappears after eating.

Appetite, etc. Hunger after dinner. Great thirst, especially for beer.

Taste: Like earth in mouth.

Nausea: With burning heat of face.

Abdomen.-- Sensation of fullness. Cutting in, with diarrhoea and chill. Pains in umbilical region.

Stool.-- Retarded, hard and lumpy, expelled with effort and great pain in anus.

Burning in anus after s. Diarrhoea of yellow water.

Urine.-- Diminished discharge of. Pale, smelling strongly of ammonia.

Female.-- Menses: Delayed, at first like meat juice, then passed in clots.

Respiration.-- Tightness of chest with burning heat of face when walking.

Cough.-- Violent, dry c., from irritation in trachea at night.

Chest.-- Transfixion pain, as if in mediastinum. Pressive pain in. Drawing pain in muscles of right side of. Palpitation.

Back.-- Drawing pain in, and in loins, in evening. Bruised pain in, and in lumbar region, worse stooping and touch.

Generalities.-- Cold collapse after operations. Tearing pains in joints, especially in evening and at night in bed. Weak, tremulous sensation in body, early in morning and in evening. Impaired use of limbs as from one - sided paralysis (r.), in evening. Great emaciation. Many pains are like fleeting phantoms. (Pall.), so that one can scarcely designate their locality, yet they appear to be situated mostly in the cylindrical bones and marrow. The symptoms increase gradually and decrease just as slowly. The right side is most violently affected. He is better in open air, especially in warm sunlight and from warmth in general. His physical condition is worse in the evening.

Skin.-- Itching, worse scratching. Tension of, in many parts of body, in evening.

Sleep.-- Starting up and jerking of body when falling to s. Frequent awaking at night, especially from coughing

Fever.-- Pulse full and hard, with strong throbbing in blood vessels. Chill: IN forenoon, running from lumbar region down back part of thighs. Shuddering over head and scapulae. Heat: Dry, at night with thirst. Which streams from nose and mouth at same time. Sweat: In morning hours. At night mostly on affected parts, with increased pains from uncovering.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Phos., Plat., Sul.