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Nervous tembling. Squeezing or stinging smarting, as if cut. Pains that move into teeth.

Morbidly sensitive; easily offended. Always angry. Gloomy and petulant; throws things. Poor memory. Hypochondriasis. Sexually minded; unsatisfied urge; widows. Sheepish; sensitive mentally and physically. Imagines insults. Irritable, nervous, excitable and violent. Brain feels torn. Compressive, stupefying headache. As of a heavy load in forehead. Moist, foul, eroding milk-crust; < occiput. Dryness in eyes. Nodes in lids. Styes. Blepharitis. Sickly, peaked and hollow-eyed. Neuralgia, from caries; pains go to eyes. Coryza, now thick, now thin; ulcerating. Swelled sub-mental gland; abscess. Pale, bleeding gums. Loose, aching, black, crumbling teeth; < eating and during menses; > hard pressure and heat. Pyorrhœa. Musty taste. Hungry; craves milk. Colic; flatulent; ovarian; < coition. Dysentery. Irritable bladder. Urinates a slender stream. Trickling or burning along posterior urethra; < after walking or riding, > urinating. Priapism. Prostatitis. Dysuria; of brides; in pregnancy (Pop-t.). Itching or sensitive vulva. Pains from ovaries into thighs. Salpingitis. Crural neuralgia. Tight chest, at close of coition. Cough, < cleaning teeth or alternating with sciatica. Violent yawning; brings tears; after headache. Pains that precede shingles. Backache; in bed in A.M. Fine tearing in or numb fingertips. Nodes on finger joints. Skin symptoms, alternate with joints pains. Weak knees. Biting itching; as of vermin; changing place on scratching. LACERATED WOUNDS; < sphincters; perineum, etc.; stitch pains. Amorous dreams, with pollutions. Sweat and flatus smell like bad eggs.