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Mind.-- Chaotic, incapable of any mental exertion. Weak memory. Bad effects of righteous anger and indignation of quarrels (he flings away what he has in his hand). Great angriness. fixed dissatisfaction over his own as well as the deeds of others. Ill humor over events. Tearful mourning, with grief and fear for the future. Hypochondriacal indifference (of onanists). Detachedness. Thoughts full of solicitude. Morbidity.

Head.-- Stupefying pressive ache, as though brain were pressed together. Pressure as of a heavy lump or ball fixed within forehead. Feeling: As though' brain were rent asunder, as if head would burst, especially in forehead. Worse: Early, on awaking, motion, stooping. Better: Reclining head, rest, warmth, after much yawning, after breakfast.

External Head.-- Painfully sensitive, with desquamation of epidermis. Moist, (seldom dry) foul, erosive, creeping, itching eruption on occiput and behind ears, scratching causes the itching to change place, increases the moisture and makes it burn. Itching dandruff. Pressive, sticking and tearing in bones and periosteum of skull, especially in occiput and behind ears ending in swelling and suppuration, with foul day and night sweats. Hair falls out most on nape and behind ears. With a foul, moist eruption or scales on, (also after illness induced by vexation). Worse: Becoming warm in bed, warm wraps, touch, motion, evening, at night, after rising, sometimes after the siesta. Better: After breakfast, reclining it upon something, after lying down

Eyes.-- Biting and burning in inner canthi. Dryness of balls and lids. Inflammation of edges of lids, with nightly agglutination. Nodes in edges of lids. Dim vision. Lachrymation. Halo about candlelight at night.

Nose.-- Nasal and aural polypi. Ulcerated nostrils. Coryza with ulcerated nostrils. Stoppage of upper nares. Acrid coryza, with obstruction of choanae. Sneezing.

Face.-- Sickly, sunken or debauched countenance, with hollow eyes encircled by blue rings. When getting angry it turns brown and blue. Inflammation of bones of. Scurfy, burning, painful lips. Easy dislocation of maxillary joint. Painful submaxillary glands with or without swelling.

Teeth.-- Exfoliate and turn black. Very sensitive to touch and cold drinks, not felt when biting them together violently. Painful, whitish swelling and ulceration of gums. Nodosities and excrescences on gums. Bleeding gums.

Mouth.-- Stomatitis. Dryness and scraping in throat and fauces, with painful soreness when talking and swallowing. Painful drawing extending from hyoid bone downward into throat. Salivation. Feeble voice on account of weakness of vocal organs and after anger. Nasal speech from obstruction of choanae. Continued swallowing while talking. Offensive breath.

Appetite: Excessive, Ravenous hunger with waterbrash, when stomach in full. Desire for thin, liquid food only, for brandy and tobacco.

Taste: Flat, in mouth. Bitter, of all food.

Eructations: Bitter, salty after eating meat. Bitter, after sour food. Hoggishly, during which bitter water comes up into mouth. Waterbrash Retching.

Hypochondria: Anxious, suffocative pressure and tension transversely across head, early in morning while fasting.

Abdomen.-- Spasmodic cutting in every time he eats or drinks. Weak feeling in as though' it would fall away. Contraction of. Pot belly, especially in children. Colic, with urging to urinate. Painfully swollen inguinal glands. Inguinal hernia descends when coughing. Flatulent symptoms.

Flatulence: With odor of rotten eggs.

Stool.-- Constipation, with urging to s. Slow although soft. Dysenteric. Urging sometimes with hard, sometimes with soft stool. Evacuations with much flatus.

Urine.-- Urging to urinate, with painful discharge of scanty, dark red urine, passed drop by drop. Urging to urinate, with discharge of much clear, watery urine. Involuntary urination when coughing.

Sexual organs, especially when sitting. Excited sexual desire. Frequent pollutions, Bad effects of onanism.

Cough.-- Nightly, with expectoration of yellow, pus - like, flat - tasting mucus. Dry, hollow, spasmodic c., from tickling crawling in larynx and trachea. Dry by day.

Larynx, etc.-- Adherent mucus in, and in trachea. Rawness in, from much talking. Sensation of pressure and constriction in throat - pit after anger, worse swallowing. Tearing pain in, and in trachea. Soreness in trachea. Weak voice.

Chest.-- Constricting dyspnoea. Scratching, soreness or ulcerative pain, worse coughing. Great restlessness in. Spasms of diaphragm after anger. Tremulous palpitation from least motion or music.

Back.-- Pain in small of, as though' broken, during rest and when rising from sitting.

Neck: Stiff nape. Painfully swollen glands of throat and neck.

Upper Extremities.-- Painfully swollen axillary glands. Paralytic, pressive drawing in arms. Scabby herpes on elbows. Insensible finger - tips.

Generalities.-- Painfulness of muscles to touch, and of joints to motion. Unilateral paralysis from anger. Early in morning, great weariness and stiffness of all joints, mostly in shoulder, lumbar region and hips. Continual inclination to lie down. Heaviness of limbs and dullness after the noon - day nap. Nightly twitchings. Faintness. Effects of onanism or the abuse of Mercury.

Tissues.-- Glands painfully (or painlessly) swollen.

Bones.-- Swelling and suppuration of, and of periosteum.

Skin.-- Itching herpes which burns, after scratching, in evening. Dry, crusty herpes upon joints. Chronic miliary eruptions, with nightly twitchings. Unhealthy, diseased s. Incised wounds Gouty nodes on joints, on finger.

Sleep.-- Violent yawning and stretching, with tears in eyes. Extraordinary day sleepiness. Sleepless before midnight. Anxious drams full of peril, after midnight.

Fever.-- Pulse: Very quick but small and often tremulous. Chill: And coldness predominate. And coldness in evening, often without subsequent heat. Violent, in evening, with shuddering and shaking and heat of face. Shuddering in afternoon (3 o'clock), better motion in open air. From back up over head, even when near a warm stove. Running down back. Constant chilliness or (in alternate action) sweat, day and night.

Heat: External, with thirst after midnight, then chill toward morning. Nightly, burning heat, especially on hand and feet, with inclination to uncover. With violent thirst and profuse sweat.

Sweat: Profuse, also great inclination thereto. Inability to s., with headache and a pale face Night sweat smelling like rotten eggs. Cold, on forehead and feet. Great inclination to s., during day, even when sitting. Intermittent fever consisting almost solely of coldness. Violent hunger before and after paroxysm.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Bis., COLOC., Kre., Merc., Merc-c., Phos-ac., Ran-b., Sil., sul., Thuj.,

Complementary: COLOC., Caust.