Stannum metallicum


Mind.-- Extraordinary restlessness and anxiety. Despondency. Quickly passing ebullitions of anger. Irritability, silent peevishness, anthropophobia and aversion to talk. Hopelessness.

Head.-- Pressive, stupefying ache, moving about in forehead. Burning in forehead with qualmishness in pen air. Throbbing in temples,. Painful jerks through' forehead and occiput, leaving a dull pressure behind, from motion.

Eyes.-- Weak, dim., sunken, Nightly purulent agglutination. Stickily and pressure in lids. Lachrymal fistula. Styes.

Ears.-- Ulcerated ringholes. Shrieking noise in, when blowing nose.

Nose.-- Stoppage in upper nasal cavity. Unilateral stuffed coryza with inflamed nasal cavities.

Face.-- Pale, sunken, with deep seated eyes. Drawing facial pain in nasal bone and orbits. Swelling of upper jaw and cheek. Cramp in jaws. Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.

Mouth.-- Bad odor from. Sticking, dry sensation in throat. Hawking of mucus with painful soreness in. After hawking mucus, the voice for singing is much higher. Speech difficult and weak from debility.

Appetite: Great hunger and thirst except in evening. Loss of, in evening.

Taste: Bitter, of all food.

Nausea, etc. - Sweat risings in throat. Bitter vomiting after eating. Violent retching followed by vomiting of undigested food. Hematemesis.

Stomach.-- Violent pressure in, with painful soreness thereof to touch. Cramps, with bitter eructations, sensation of hunger therein and diarrhoea. Bruised pain in pit. Empty sensation in.

Abdomen.-- Spasmodic colic about navel. Hysterical spasms in. Empty or full feeling in. Sensitive to touch.

Flatulence: Flatulent distension of abdomen. Obstructed flatus.

Stool.-- Frequent, ineffectual urging to. Hard, dry and knotty. Scanty greenish. Mucus diarrhoea.

Urine.-- Scanty discharge. The excitation to urinate fails, as from insensibility of bladder, only a fullness in lower abdomen indicates its necessity.

Sexual Organs.-- Increased sexual desire. Violent, voluptuous irritation to discharge semen.

Female.-- Menses: Increased. Anxiety and low spirits before. Debilitating, mucous leucorrhoea.

Respiration.-- Crawing, snoring. Great tightness of chest, with anxiety in evening, it necessitates loosening the clothes. Want of breath from every movement, but also when lying down. Taking a deep breath causes a transient sense of agreeable lightness. The voice becomes higher after each expectoration.

Cough.-- Tickling, deep, hollow cough, returning periodically in fits of three coughs. Excited by mucus in chest and stitches and dryness in tracheas. Violent, dry cough, in evening in bed, until midnight. During day, with copious, greenish, repulsively sweetish foul or sometimes salty or sour expectoration. Phthisis mucous.

Larynx.-- Roughness and hoarseness in. Tickling and soreness in. Much mucus in trachea, which is easily expectorated. Soreness in trachea. Tracheal phthisis.

Chest.-- Tickling itching in. Piercing and soreness in. Stitches in I., when breathing or lying thereon. Sense of emptiness and weakness in. Ulcerative phthisis. Hydrothorax. Tension and painfulness throughout entire external c.

Upper Extremities.-- Swelling of hands in evening. Violent burning in hands frost bites. Hangnails.

Lower Extremities.-- Great weakness in thighs. Swellings of ankle in evening. Violent burning in feet.

Generalities.-- Paralytic heaviness in extremities. Paralysis of arms and legs. Pressive drawing in limbs. Burning heat in limbs. Lassitude with trembling. Extraordinary weakness of body (and mind), with tremulousness felt more during slow motion. Greatly indisposed and affected after long continued speaking. Emaciation. Hysterical and hypochondriacal spasms, with pains in abdomen and region of diaphragm. Epileptic attacks in evening. Especially in teething children. Motion and rest the symptoms, the debility only is felt while walking. Pains which gradually increases, then gradually decline in the same way.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness. Late falling to sleep. Nightly restlessness with very many dreams.

Fever.-- Pulse: small and quick. Chill: In evening, especially over back. After previous heat with sweat, shuddering daily in forenoon (toward 10 o'clock). On head only. With the lightest shuddering chill the teeth chatter as from convulsions of masseter muscles. Marked numb feeling in finger tips during the shuddering chill in the morning. Heat: In afternoon (from 4 to 5 o' clock), recurring daily, with co - existent sweat. Burning heat, in limbs, strongest on hands, every evening. Anxious heat, in repeated attacks, as though' sweat would break out. Anxious feeling of heat, from the least motion. Predominating feeling of heat, internally. Sweat: Very exhausting at night and in the morning hours, most profuse on neck. Very exhausting general from the least motion. Musty or mouldy smelling.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Chin., Lach., PULS, Seneg., Sull., Valer.,

Complementary: Pul.