Spongia tosta


Mind.-- Attacks of anxiety. Great tendency to be easily frightened. Obstinacy. Excessive mirth. Great inclination to hum and sing. Disposition to weep.

Head.-- Congestion with pressure in forehead. Distensive, pressive ache as though' is would burst. Outward pressure in (r.) Frontal eminence. Throbbing and pulsation in, especially in forehead. Bent or sunken backward, with painful stiffness of nape, anxious whistling breathing and a dry barking cough (croup). Sensation as if hair stood on end. Worse: Sitting: entering a warm room after walking in open air, looking intently. Better: Lying horizontally, especially on back/

Eyes.-- Pressure and sticking in. Headache and tears in eyes., from continued staring at a single point. The lids feel heavy and draw what.

Ears.-- Suppuration of external. Difficult hearing.

Nose.-- Dry nasal catarrh

Face.-- Pale, with sunken eyes. Red, with an anxious mien. Swollen cheeks. Eruption on lips. Swelling and tension of submaxillary glands.

Mouth.-- Painful vesicles on inside of cheeks and on tongue. Salivation. Brown, dry tongue.

Taste: Bitter in throat, not in mouth.

Stomach.-- Intolerance of tight clothing about. Stitches in, from least pressure thereon, Feeling of laxness and as if stood open.

Hypochondria: Pressure in.

Appetite: Insatiable hunger and thirst.

Vomiting: After milk.

Abdomen.-- Drawing pains in lumbo - abdominal region, starting from small of back. Swelling of inguinal glands. Grumbling and granting in.

Stool.-- Hard, scanty, with urging in anus.

Anus.-- Crawling, with discharge of ascarides.

Urine.-- Involuntary discharge. Frequent urging with a scanty discharge.

Sexual Organs.-- Swelling of testes and spermatic cords.

Menses too early and too profuse. Palpitation before.

Respiration.-- Difficult, as from a stopper or valve in larynx, without rattling. Oppressed, bending upper part of body forward. Whistling, rattling, anxious inspiration with violent exertion of abdominal muscles. Wheezing (not rattling) inspiration. Loss of breath.

Cough.-- Deep, Dry, hollow, barking c., during day and night, excited by an irritation like a plug or valve high up in the larynx, in the morning only there is detached a scanty, tenacious yellow or hardened mucus, of a faintly sour taste, which can't be ejected but must be swallowed. With painful soreness and burning in chest.

Larynx, etc.-- Sensitiveness to touch. Roughness and burning dryness with sensation of constriction in larynx and trachea. Inflammation of mucus membrane of trachea. Membranous croup. Laryngeal and tracheal phthisis. Hoarseness. Husky, weak voice which fails when talking and singing.

Chest.-- The slightest exertion causes violent congestion to, with obstructed breathing, anxiety and qualmishness. Constriction, with violent oppression of breathing. Burning and soreness in.

Back.-- Pressing pain in sacrum.

Neck: Painful stiffness of nape and neck, felt especially when turning head. Large goiter with pressure and crawling therein.

Upper Extremities.-- Large blisters on fore arm. Swelling and redness of single finger, joints which are tense when bent. Numbness of finger tips.

Generalities.-- Stiff extremities. Bruised feeling in arms and legs. Heaviness of body. Sensation of numbness of lower half of body. Great mental and physical relaxation. Many complaints, except those of respiration, are ameliorated when resting in a horizontal position.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated.

Skin.-- Dry, hot. Itching sticking, when becoming warm in bed. Herpes.

Sleep.-- Reveries and phantasies on falling asleep.

Fever.-- Pulse: Very quick, full and hard. Strong ebullition of blood and swelling of blood vessels. Chill: With shaking, even by a warm stove, most on back, heat: Great, soon after the chill, with dry burning skin over whole body except thighs, which remain cold, numb and chilly. Attacks of overrunning, flying anxious heat, with red cheeks, weeping and inconsolable mood. Sweat: cool on face, in evening. Over whole body, in early morning hoarse.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Brom., Dros., HEP., Iod., Kali-bi., Lact., Phyt.

Complementary: Hep.