Spigelia anthelmia


Mind.-- Difficult thinking and disinclination for mental exertion. Very weak memory. Restlessness, anxiety, and solicitude for the future. Dejection even mounting to self - destruction. Uneasiness.

Vertigo.-- When looking downward.

Head.-- Neuralgias coming forward from the occiput and settling over left eye (over right eye Sang. sil.), coming and going with the sun (Nat-m., Sang.), with lachrymation of left eye (of right Chel.). Outward boring pain in forehead, vertex or occiput. Inward pressure generally in right temple, or as if brain were pressed out of forehead. Shocks of tearing pain in forehead, with staring eyes. Thrusts and jerks in head. Pressive squeezing pains, especially when stooping. Sore pain in forehead and vertex. Shaking in brain. Painfulness of occiput, with stiffness of nape. Worse: Evening. Motion: Slight, of head, of eyes, stepping hard. Mental exertion, noise, opening mouth, coughing, stooping, talking, sitting, standing, walking in open air. Better: Rest, lying with head high, closing eyes, uncovering head, in room, laying hand on part, external pressure.

External Head.-- Painful sensitiveness of scalp and hair to motion, with a burning ulcerative pain when touched. Tearing in, a shivering runs all over., when affected part is touched. Tension of scalp. Dull outward sticking in, alternating with a sore pain on vertex. Better: Drink, but worse after washing, uncovering. Worse: Touch.

Eyes.-- Are painful in their sockets when moved. Sensation as though balls were too large. The lids hang down seemingly hard and immovable. Difficult opening of. Inflammation of margin of lids. Burning in with redness of sclerotic and distended blood vessels. Acrid tears. Dilated pupils. Presbyopia.

Ears.-- Earache: Like a plug forcibly pressed into. Sense of stoppage. Deafness.

Nose.-- Tickling itching on. Herpetic eruption on, with painful soreness. Catarrhal fever, with weeping mood and dry heat without thirst. Profuse discharge of mucus through posterior, with dryness and stoppage of anterior nares.

Face.-- Pale, puffy, with distorted features, especially early in morning when waking from sleep. Sweat on. Yellow circles about eyes Red. Jerking, tearing pressure and burning in zygoma. Pressive pain in lower jaw.

Teeth.-- Thumping tearing ache by cold water and admission of cold air. Ache as though' being torn out, immediately after eating and at night.

Mouth.-- Bad odor from. Much white, foamy saliva in, and in fauces. Fissures, in tongue.

Taste: Putrid, fetid, in month.

Stomach.-- Pit of, sensitive to touch. Pressure as of a hard lump in.

Appetite: Loss of, with violent thirst. Ravenous hunger, with qualmishness.

Abdomen.-- Pressure as of a hard lump in navicular region. Stitches in. Worm colic.

Stool.-- Frequent, ineffectual urging. Discharge of large pieces of mucus, without feces. Discharge of feces with worms.

Urine.-- Frequent urging to urinate, with profuse discharge, also at night while sediment.

Sexual organs.-- Frequent erections, with voluptuous thoughts, but no sexual desire.

Respiration.-- Short, especially when ascending. Suffocative attacks, with anxiety, violent palpitation and chest pains.

Cough.-- Violent, with suffocative attacks. Dry, hollow, with obstructed respiration.

Chest.-- Stitches. Contractions, with difficult breathing. Tearing pain. Sense of trembling in, from slightest motion. Punching stitches in diaphragm, with obstructed respiration. Extraordinarily violent, visible and audible, anxious palpitation, bending chest forward. Pursing in.

Back.-- Sticking pain in, especially when breathing.

Neck: Hard, painful swelling of cervical glands.

Upper Extremities.-- Stitches in joints of arms and hands. Hard, burning, itching nodules on palms.

Lower Extremities.-- Stitches in joints of lower limbs and in upper thighs when walking. Wart - like excrescences on toes.

Generalities.-- Sticking pain in limbs, especially in joints. Heaviness and bruised sensation in entire body when rising from sitting. General weariness, especially after the slightest motion in open air. Painful sensitiveness of entire body to contact, with shuddering of the parts touched, or with crawling running through, or with crawling running through whole body. The symptoms are intensified after washing and after satisfying the sexual desires. Spigelia first affects the heart then the eyes.

Tissues.-- Glands painfully swollen.

Skin.-- Pale and wrinkled on body.

Sleep.-- Disturbed, at night, by physical restlessness. Unrefreshing, at night, followed by sleepiness early in morning.

Fever.-- Pulse: Irregular, mostly strong, but slow. Tremulous. Quicker in evening, slower in morning. Chill: In morning, often recurring at same hour. Alternating with heat or sweat. Or single parts, with warmth of others. Universal, overrunning c., with concomitant heat. Proceeds from chest. chilliness from the least motion. Heat: Principally on back. Nocturnal flying heat, with thirst, especially for bear. Of face and hands, with chill on back. Sweat: Nocturnal, offensive, with concomitant heat. Clammy on hands. Cold.

Relationship.-- Complementary: Spo.