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Mind.-- Enervation from mental exertion. Anxiousness. Dejection and despair with most intense satiety of life. Great obstinacy in children, they cry even when kindly spoken to. Yielding. Anxious mood.

Vertigo.-- When driving. Vertiginous attacks seeming to ascend from nape into head. Great dizziness, as though' drunken, in evening. When stooping, driving or looking up. As if to fall forward.

Head.-- Congestion with burning with burning heat in. Throbbing and pounding, most severe in forehead and vertex, with chilliness. Heaviness in, wanting to press out through' forehead, daily from noon till evening. Tearing pains, often unilateral (r.) only, with stitches out through' eyes and in facial bones, heat in forehead and great restlessness, external cold. Outward sticking in forehead and temples, most in right. Painful jerks in middle of forehead when turning quickly. Bursting pressure in. Pains ascend from nape to vertex and are accompanied by weakness. Worse: Night, noon till night, evening, stepping hard, motion, Of eyes, writing, mental exertion, flaking, becoming heated, uncovering head and letting it get cold, drafts, stooping. Better: Wrapping head warmly, tight bandage on, in a warm room.

External Head.-- Enlarged head with upon fontanelle, with emaciation of rest of body. Tearing externally especially on occiput and nape. Sensitive to pressure of hat, etc., and to touch. Burning tickling itching most on occiput, worse from scratching, which causes festering pain and more violent burning. Foul dry crusty, burning (or sticking) itching eruption on occiput and behind ears, when scratched it festers. Itching nodes and nodular elevations on, and in nape. Takes cold in it easily and is intolerant of uncovering. Worse: Night, lying thereon, pressure, undressing, becoming warm in bed, touch, changing weather, at change of moon, stormy weather. Better: Wrapping up warmly, warm room, dry warm weather.

Eyes.-- Suppurative agglutination of. Lachrymation in open air. Biting in canthi. Swollen lachrymal glands. Ulcers and fungus hematodes on cornea. Paralysis of optic nerve. Black spots float before vision. Far sight.

Ears.-- Stooped, sometimes opening with a report. Difficult hearing, especially for the human voice and during full moon. Oversensitive to noise.

Nose.-- Nosebleed of acrid, corrosive blood. Long continued sense of dryness in. Ulcers and gnawing pain high up in, with great sensitiveness of this spot, to touch. Fluent coryza. Acrid. Excoriating discharge. Loss of smell. Violent or very frequent sneezing with discharge of thin, acrid mucus. Stuffed coryza and chronic stoppage, from lumps of hardened mucus.

Face.-- Pale, earth colored or waxy. White, or burning red spots, especially on cheeks. The skin is cracked. Painful scurfs on lips. Herpes on chin. Swelling of lower jaw bone. Painful swelling of submaxillary glands.

Teeth.-- Tearing pain in, worse at night. Nightly, sticking toothache by both warmth and cold. Periosteum of lower haw swelled.

Mouth.-- Dryness in. Much mucus in throat.

Taste: Sense of, wanting. Bitterness in mouth early in morning.

Stomach.-- Pressure like a stone in. Pressure in, waterbrash and vomiting follow each other consecutively after every meal. Pit is painful to pressure.

Appetite: Lost, with great thirst. Ravenous hunger with want of. Aversion to warm cooked food, he wishes to eat cold things only. Repugnance to meat and milk.

Eructations: Tasting of ingesta or sour. Waterbrash with shuddering.

Nausea, etc. - Continuous, with vomiting, early in morning. Vomiting: After every drink: of food, then of bitter mucus, of water, then of food.

Abdomen.-- Tense, bloated, hard and hot, especially in children. Cutting in (without diarrhoea, much worse when constipated). warm applications. Colic, wherein the hands turn yellow and the nails blue. Colic from worms in children. Painful inguinal hernia.

Flatulence: Incarcerated. Much noise in abdomen, with discharge of very offensive flatus.

Stool.-- Difficult, hard, and constipated, Frequent, papescent, cadaverous or stinking. Discharge of worms.

Anus.-- - Itching and sticking in, and in rectum.

Urine.-- Strangury.

Sexual Organs.-- Itching and humid spots on, especially scrotum. Sweat on scrotum. Hydrocele. Excessive sexual desire.

Female.-- Menses: Too early, but too scanty (or too profuse). Menstrual discharge between the periods. Uterine hemorrhage. Abortion. Acrid, biting, corrosive leucorrhoea.

Respiration.-- Whooping, Arrested. Deep, sighing. Short and panting, when walking rapidly and during manual labor. Tightness of chest when at rest.

Cough.-- From cold drinks. Phthisical, with copious expectoration. Hollow, spasmodic, suffocative c., from tickling in trachea, especially in region of throat pit, dry in evening and night, in morning and during day, with copious, yellow, somewhat greenish, purulent, though, sometimes milk - white, acrid, mucus expectoration, or, more rarely, of bright, frothy blood: generally of a fatty taste and offensive odor.

Chest.-- Rattling in. Bruised feeling in. Pressure and soreness on. Stitches extending through' into back. Purulent pulmonary consumption. Suppurating mammae of nursing women. Inflamed nipples. Mammary cancer.

Back.-- Swelling and curvature of vertebrae. Spasmodic, drawing lumbar pains.

Upper Extremities.-- Incipient paralysis of lower arm and hand. Burning in finger tips. Yellow, crippled, brittle finger nails. Panaritia.

Lower Extremities.-- Boils on thighs. Swelling of knee. Swelling of feet, in morning. Cold feet. Foot sweat with excoriation between toes. Stinking feet. Ulceration of big toe.

Generalities.-- He easily takes cold, especially from uncovering head or feet. Nightly sticking in all joints. Worm complaints in scrofulous persons. Lameness of limbs in evening. Great weariness and sleepiness during storms. Ebullitions of blood and thirst from drinking a small quantity of wine. Restlessness after sitting a long time. Great nervous exhaustion. Great emaciation. The symptoms are intensified at night, at new and full moon and when the weather changes. Part on which he lies goes to sleep.

Tissues.-- Painlessly swollen glands, they develop a continued itching only. Suppurating glands.

Bones.-- Swelling and curvature of. Inflammation of, Caries.

Skin.-- Painful sensitiveness of. Suppurating ulcers of all kinds with laudable as well as unhealthy pus especially in membranous parts. Ulcers, with proud flesh, sticking, spongy swelling and painfulness around, gangrenous. Ganglion. Unhealthy, easily ulcerates from slight bruises.

Sleep.-- Frequent jerking and starting up in. Sleepiness early in evening. Sleepless: Although' sleepy, from heat, restlessness and great ebullition of blood to head. Many anxious dreams. Somnambulism.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small, but hard and quick: often irregular, and then sometimes also slow. The blood every readily begins to surge. Chill: Strong, in evening in bed, increase when uncovering. Great chilliness, especially during every exertion. Constant internal chilliness and want of natural vital heat. Heat predominant. Frequent short attacks of flying heat, during day, most on face. Universal strong heat, with thirst in afternoon, evening on through' whole night, allowing him no rest. Nocturnal dry heat during day, typically recurring heat without previous chill, followed by slight sweat. Sweat: Debilitating, at night or only in morning, From moderate exercise, most profuse on head and face. Profuse on head only. Nocturnal sour or offensive s. Wholly absent.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Agar., Ars., Bell., Bor., CALC-C., Caust., Flu-ac., Gel., Graph., HEP., Iod., Kali-c., Lyc., Merc., Mez., Nat-c., Nux - v., Petr., Phos., Puls., Rhus - t., SEP., Staph., Sul.

Complementary: Acid-f., Hep., Lyc., Thuj.