sepia officinalis

Draggy, relaxed females -lithæmic, plethoric, - subject to prolapses or easy dislocations. Uterine reflexes. Symptoms settle in back; shoot up, < rectum, vagina, etc.; backward, head (l), ileo-cæcal region, ovary, etc., or cause shuddering. AS OF A LUMP or a rolling over internally. Weak, empty, hollow feeling; in epigastrium, chest, muscles, lumbar back, hips, knees, etc., or fulness. Milky discharges. Bleedings.

Angry, sensitive and irritable and miserable. Sensitive to pain. Anxious fear; over trifles. Averse, to one's own; to sympathy; to company; yet dreads solitude. Stifled affections. Poor memory. Sad irritability, alternating with indifference or sulkiness. Sexually minded. Sad over her health and domestic affairs. Indifference. Stupid, wants to go away. Headache; over left eye; alternate sides of occiput; < lying on it; heavy on vertex; shootings; bursting. Hemicrania. Jerks head back and forth. Drooping eyelids. Red, itching tarsi. Falling out feeling in eyes. Sees motes, flashes, zigzags, photopsies; then collapse. Odors are repulsive. NOSE; BROWN STRIPE ACROSS (Menis.); pressive pain at root; foul plugs or green crusts from. Dark circles under eyes. Changing of color of face. Chloasma. Numb malar bones. Swollen, cracked lower lip. Mouth feels burnt. Hawks mucus or foul, cheesy grains in A.M. Taste cheesy, fishy or bitter-sour. Ascending throat colds. Eructates tough, foamy mucus. Nausea at tought or smell of food; in A.M. Vomits; solids only; milky. Gnawing hunger. Craves acids. FAINT SINKING AT EPIGASTRIUM, not > eating, or a lump in. Griping in gall-bladder, < stooping. Falling out or heavy bearing down feeling in hypogastrium; holds it or crosses legs. Pot belly. Stool, then gelatinous mucus. Diarrhœa, from boiled milk. Rectum constricted and powerless; no urging for days. Obstipation. As of a ball in anus. Piles, prolapsing; sticking; of pregnancy. Oozing from anus. Slow urination; cutting before. Enuresis, during first sleep; < coughing, sneezing, etc. THICK, FOUL URINE; ADHERENT, RED, SANDY SEDIMENT, or white, gritty. Menses absent; at puberty; after weaning, etc. Grasping, burning or sticking in uterus (os). Sub-involution. WEAK, DRAGGING OR BEARING DOWN FEELING; must sit close or hold parts. Tends to abort. Labia swelled; abscessed. Leucorrhœa; in large lumps; foul; gonorrhœal. Stomach cough; < rapid change of temperature; with foul sputum. Circulation, irregular; seems to stagnate. Palpitation; visible; ascends to occiput. General pulsation. Ebullitions at night. Overful blood-vessels. Collar feels tight. Aching; inter-scapular; LUMBAR-paralytic-wants it pressed. Purple hands. Cold knees or heels. Skin blotched; raw, rough, hard or cracked, < flexures. Herpes. Ringworm. Itching vesicules. Boils in axillæ. Thick crust on elbows. Ulcers, on small joints. Epithelioma of eyelids, lips, etc. Skin; wine colored. Spots on the skin. Loud talking in sleep. Dreams if lies on left side. Easily chilled. Chilly, with air-hunger. Cold; in spots; on vertex; between scapulæ; feet, in bed. Sudden weakness; then anxious, hot flushes. Hot hands, with cold feet or vice versa. Sweat, easy; with orgasms; on genitals, axillæ or back. Irregular fevers.