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Mind.-- Incapable of mental exertion. Distraction. Great weakness of memory. Anxiousness in evening in bed. Anxiety with flying heat. Easily startled. Crying out. Indifference to his family. Angry, sensitive, irritable, very excitable when in company. Mores. Despondent about his health.

Vertigo.-- As though' all surrounding objects were moving, or he was being wafted in the air, with inability to collect his senses especially in the open air.

Head.-- Dulness in Attacks of outward boring pains extort soreness and causes vomiting. Weight on vertex. Unilateral outward sticking in forehead or one (mostly 1.) side with drawing together of eyes. Heaviness in temples and forehead with violent congestion, in evening after lying down it terminates in a one - sided tearing pain. Throbbing in: In occiput. Distensive pressing pain. Feeling: Of a ball rolling about in, as if brain were loose and shattered Ulcerative pain in occiput. Worse: forenoon, towards night, slightest moving or shaking of, turning eyes, striking foot against anything, stooping, lying on back, sitting, Better: Rest, external pressure, closing eyes, after sleep, warmth, continued vigorous motion, open air, in darkness raising up, lying on painful side.

External Head.-- Cold feeling on vertex. (Chin.). Foul dry eruption with sticking itching crawling, smarting when scratched, and crack on vertex, occiput and behind ears. Swelling over one temple with coldness, tearing and itching therein. Crawling itching most on occiput and behind ears, worse from scratching which is followed by pimples, denuded spots, thickening of scalp and raw sensitiveness. Painfully sensitive roots of hair, burning after scratching. Involuntarily jerks it backward (and forward) mostly in AM and when sitting quietly. Open fontanelle. Takes cold in, from dry, cold winds or getting it wet. Worse: touch: early in morning and toward evening, at rest, rising from bed, cold north wind, on side on which he is not lying. Better: Lying upon part.

Eyes.-- Inflammation and sticking in, with sensitiveness to daylight. Gauze or black spots before. Sparks before. Inability to open them at night. Feeling as if they would fall out. Falling of one upper lid, as from paralysis. Inflammatory swelling of lids, Yellow, sclerotic. Freight. Yellow halo about candle light in evening.

Ears.-- Sticking in. Oversensitive to music.

Nose.-- Cancer of. Dry, stooped. Inflammation and swelling of tip. Ulcerated nostrils. Want of smell. Fluent coryza with hoarseness. Nosebleed. Sneezing.

Face.-- Sallow. Yellow, especially about mouth and transversely across nose and cheeks. Pale, puffy. Skin, red and rough. Milk crust. Scurfs on lips and about chin.

Teeth.-- Become hollow. Sticking or drawing ache with great agitation. Swollen, bleeding gums. Throbbing ache going up into ear and down arms to fingers with prickling therein with difficult breathing, swelled face and submaxillary glands, during pregnancy.

Mouth.-- Aphthae. Sensation of a lump sticking in throat when swallowing. Sticking sore throat when swallowing. White coat on tongue. Offensive breath.

Taste: Sour or foul, in mouth. Food tastes salt.

Stomach.-- Sticking or throbbing in pit of. Spasmodic pressure in. Burning in. Severe pain in cardiac orifice when swallowing food. Empty sensation in, and in abdomen.

Hypochondria: Pain (sticking) in liver from motion or when riding.

Appetite: Ravenous hunger and gluttony. Aversion to food. Especially meet and milk. thirstlessness.

Eructations: Sour. Painful.

Nausea: In morning while fasting and when driving. Vomiting: Bile, during pregnancy, first bitter water, then food.

Abdomen.-- Adherent and indurated sensation in. Burning and sticking in. Pot belly (in mothers), (colch., Pod.) Tearing pains which spread from abdomen into chest and thigh. Excoriation in groins.

Flatulence. - rumbling and grumbling in abdomen after eating.

Stool.-- Violent urging, discharge of mucus only too soft. Constipation with delayed stool. Diarrhoea: Exhausting, after milk, green (of children).

Rectum.-- Prolapsed, during stool. Protruding, bleeding hemorrhoids.

Urine.-- Dark. Frequent urging with inability to urinate. Involuntary urination during first sleep. Smarting in urethra when urinating.

Sexual Organs.-- Weak and sweating constantly. Increased sexual desire. Prolapsus uteri. Downward pressure in uterus, causing oppression of breathing. Violently itching rash inside of labia.

Menses. - Dark, too early and too profuse, with increased bodily complaints. Suppressed. Corrosive leucorrhoea.

Cough.-- Paroxysms of spasmodic cough following each other in rapid succession, excited by tickling in chest from larynx to stomach. With salty expectoration early in morning and in evening. With copious, salty or foul tasting expectoration, dark bloody in early morning and evening, and a milky tenacious mucus during day. Expectoration: Yellow, green or gray pus, tasting bitter, putrid, flat, sour or repulsively sweet with an unpleasant odor, in loosened with difficulty and is swallowed, Dry stomach cough, in evening in bed, with nausea and bitter vomiting.

Larynx.-- Roughness and soreness in and in throat.

Chest.-- Oppression of during profuse as well as stopped expectoration. Roughness and soreness in. Itching and tickling in. Tightness of, at night and when walking. Constriction of. Intense orgasm in, with violent palpitation. Shocks and stitches in, when breathing and during mental exertion. Empty feeling in. Pulmonary consumption following inflammation of. Heaviness and fullness in. Rattling in. Palpitation. Better, Pressure of hand.

Back.-- Neck: Drawing and sticking in nape.

Back: Stiffness, extending up to nape. Burning tearing in lumbar region. Symptoms fly from other parts to back. (Calc - c) Pressing and sticking in scapulae. Feels as if something adhered in sacral region.

Upper Extremities.-- Scurfs on hands. Burning of palms. Exfoliation of skin of palms. Painless ulcers upon knuckles and tips of fingers. Panaritia.

Lower Extremities.-- Drawing in thighs. Paralysis of legs, especially after anger. Stiffness of legs after sitting a short times. Coldness of legs and feet. Spreading blisters and painless ulcers upon heels and joints as well as tips of tons. Crippled too nails. All the flexures of the joints become sore.

Generalities.-- Want of flexibility in wrist, knee and ankle joints. Sticking pains in limbs. Painful sensitiveness of every part of entire body. Great sensitiveness to cold north wind. Easily takes cold. Getting wet is followed by a violent chill, the fainting attacks, then coryza. Intense nightly orgasm of blood with palpitation. Restlessness and throbbing in all limbs. Burning pain in many parts of body. Want of natural bodily heat. Excessively bad effects from anger. Weakness on awaking. Symptoms cease during violent motion (except riding) but appear in their greatest intensity when sitting quietly in morning and evening.

Skin.-- Painless ulcers. Excoriation in bends of joints. Moist herpes with itching and burning. Hypersensitive.

Sleep.-- Restless, from ebullition of blood. Late falling to. Great day sleepiness.

Fever.-- Pulse: at night rapid and full, often intermittent, slow during day. Accelerated especially by anger and motion. Great ebullition of blood and throbbing in blood vessels. Chill: Often first appears after the previous heat. Alternating with heat. Chilliness in evening in open air and from every movement. More thirst with chill than with the heat. Shivering during pains: Want of natural vital heat. Heat: Attacks of flying heat during day, especially in afternoon and evening, while sitting as well as when in open air, and from mental excitement, mostly with thirst and redness of face. Attacks of heat as though" dashed with hot water. Sweat: Copious, more after, than during motion. Continued debilitating. Constant night and morning s. Only on upper part of body. Profuse, after slight exertion, with faint like weakness, motion. Anxious, offensive, sour or smelling like elder blossoms. Sour, on feet.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: ACO., Agar., Ag-v., Ani - c., ant-t., ap., Ars., Asaf., Bar - c., BELL., Bry., Calc-c., Carb - v., CAUST., CHIN., Clem., cupr., Dros., Dulc., Euphor, Gel., Graph., Hep., Kre., Lyc., MAG-M., Men, Merc., Nat-c., NIT-AC., Nux - v., Phos., PULS., Rhod., RHUS-T., Selen., SIL., SUL., Verat-a., Sepia intensified the action of Lil - tig. Nux - v intensified the action of Sepia. complementary. - Nat-m., Phos., Puls.