selenium metallicum

Easily debilitated; by heat of sun; a little mental or physical exertion makes him sleepy. Senility. Emaciation; of single parts, face, hands, etc. Cramp, then stiffness. Bitings.

Loquacity. Sadness. Frets when awake and dreams of it as he falls asleep. Nervous headaches. Scalp feels gathered together. Falling hair, < eyebrows; don't want hair touched. Ache over left eye; < tea. Coryza, ending in diarrhœa. Thirstless. Craves stimulants, tea, etc. Sharp stitches in or rash over liver. Abdominal pulsation; hinders sleep. Very large stools. Coarse sand in urine. Lascivious, but impotent. Urine and semen dribble. Easy loss of semen; at stool, etc. Watery semen. Chronic gleet. VOICE HOARSE, as soon as he sings; affected by every cold; rattles. Nodes in vocal cords. Hawks up clear mucus. Sudden sciatic pains (l), leave soreness behind. Oily skin; itches in folds or about ankles. Skin remains moist after scratching. Burning spots. Acne. Imagines drafts of air. Sweat, profuse, yellow; leaves a salty deposit, stiffens the linen or makes the hair stiff and wiry; < genitals.