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Mind.-- Great debility and relaxation caused by mental labor extended far into the night. Extraordinary forgetfulness when awake, but a clear recollection when half asleep. Extraordinary loquacity and talkativeness.

Head.-- Violent sticking ache over left eye, excited by walking in the sun and strong odors. Headache every afternoon. Headache from lemonade, wine and tea. Hair falls out on combing (also from eyebrows, beard and genitals). Itching creeping on scalp in evening, it oozes when scratched and feels as if contracted.

Eyes.-- Itching vesicles on margin of lids and brows.

Ears.-- Increased ear - wax.

Nose.-- Inclination to bore into. Fluent coryza in evening. Yellow, thick, gelatinous nasal mucus.

Face.-- Greasy, shining skin. Extraordinary emaciation of.

Teeth.-- Boring pain in molars with tearing in lover jaw. Teeth covered with mucus.

Appetite: Want of appetite, with white - coated tongue, early in morning. Aversion to strongly salted food. Great desire for brandy.

Taste: Repulsively sweetish t., on lips after smoking.

Eructations: Hiccough and eructations when smoking.

Hypochondria: Pains in liver during inspiration. Miliary eruption in hepatic region. Stitches in spleen when walking.

Abdomen. - Sensible throbbing in arteries of, and entire body after eating.

Stool.-- Hard. Constipation.

Urine.-- Dark, diminished. Urination after every stool. Urinary sediment like coarse grained, red sand.

Sexual Organs.-- Slow and insufficient erections, with too rapid emission of semen and long - continued voluptuous thrill. Impotency with lasciviousness. Discharge of prostatic fluid during sleep and stool.

Respiration.-- Frequent, deep, sighing. Tightness of, from stitches in side.

Cough.-- Early in morning, straining chest, with expectoration of bloody mucus.

Larynx.-- Hawking of bloody mucus. Hoarse, husky voice.

Back.-- Neck: Stiff nape when turning head.

Back: Paralytic pain in small of, early in morning.

Upper extremities.-- Nightly tearing in hands. Itch vesicles on margin of hands and between fingers. Biting in palms.

Lower Extremities.-- Itching about ankles and feet in evening. Cramp in calves and soles of feet. Flat ulcers on legs.

Generalities.-- Great emaciation, especially of faces, hands and thighs. He is intolerant of drafts and easily takes cold, which is followed by tearing in limbs. All of the symptoms are after sleep, whereunto he has a great inclination, especially on hot days. China intensifies the symptoms beyond endurance.

Skin.-- Heat like a direly glow in single spots on body. Spots which have been scratched open remain humid a long times. Flat ulcers

Sleep.-- Late falling to sleep in evening. Awakened by the least noise He always awakes at the same hour.

Fever.-- Pulse: Accelerated but little, even with strong ebullition. Chill: constant, alternating with heat. Heat: External only, with burning in skin in single spots only. Sweat: Very profuse, especially on chest, axillae and genitals. From the slightest motion. Every time he sleeps by day as well as night. Extraordinary easy s. Causes yellow or white stiff salty spots on the linen.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: ALUM., Boy., Bry., calc-c., Ign., Merc., Nux-v., Puls., sep., Sul., thuj.,