scilla maritima

Exudations and profuse secretions. Dropsy; with profuse urine. Cardio-urinary effects. Gurglings.

Rubs eyes, sneezes. Acrid coryza. Black spots on teeth. Sweet taste; of food, expectoration, etc. Stomach pains, > lying on left side. Aching hypochondri├Ž. Dark brown, frothy stools. Sudden urging; passes much urine. Bloody urine. Erotic pollutions. COUGH; stubborn, rattling cough with sneezing, coryza, watery eyes, spurting urine, or heat; ends in gagging; < cold drinks and inspiration. Easy, heavy expectoration; < morning and evening. Stitches in chest (l). Pleurisy. Broncho-pneumonia. Heat, with aversion to uncover. Absence of sweat.