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Mind.-- Great mental anxiety with fear of death. Angry over trifles. Aversion to all mental and physical activity.

Vertigo.-- Beclouded dizziness in head.

Head.-- Pressive heaviness in early in, morning when awaking. Drawing headache (from r. to 1. side). Throbbing, when raising up. Sticking headache. Painful sensitiveness of upper part, early in morning.

Eyes.-- Staring look with wide open eyes. Left eye is visibly smaller than right. Contracted pupils.

Nose.-- Painful soreness at margin of nostrils. Early in morning, violent, acrid, corrosive, fluent coryza, with sore nostrils.

Face.-- Face changes color and expression. Dark red. Red during the heat, then pale without chill. Distorted, tense features with red cheeks, without thirst. Humid, eating, spreading eruption upon upper lip. Cracked lips, black lips and teeth.

Mouth.-- Dry, open. Much sticky mucus in. Rough and scratchy in upper part of palate. Burning in palate and throat.

Stomach.-- Pressure as of a stone in.

Taste: Bitter, of food, especially bread. Repulsive sweetish to, of all food, especially meats.

Eructation: Many empty.

Nausea: Inclination to vomit, in gastric region. Constant alternation between qualmishness in epigastrium and commotion as before diarrhoea in abdomen. Continuous qualmishness early in morning when coughing. Retching.

Appetite: Complete loss of appetite. Unappeasable hunger. Aversion to food. Desire for acids. Thirst for cold water. Constant thirst, but for want of breath she is able to take only a single swallow at a time.

Abdomen.-- Shattering in hypogastrium and feeling as if intestines were pressed out. Contractive pains in muscles of. Cutting, pinching, as from flatulence. Bellyache in, as from diarrhoea. Painfully sensitive in region of bladder. Distended. Thrusts in.

Flatulence: Profuse discharge of very foul smelling flatus.

Stool.-- Diarrhoeic very bad smelling. Black diarrhoea. Painless constipation.

Urine.-- Great urging, with discharge of much watery urine. Constant urging, with discharge of red, burning urine. Polyuria. Frequent, but scanty, micturition. Frequent urination at night. Constant pressure on bladder, which is very sensitive. Involuntary urination.

Respiration.-- Panting, rattling, Groaning, with open mouth. Short, from every exertion, and from walking. Especially from ascending. Oppression, which necessitates sitting in an upright position. Anxious tightness with stitches in chest.

Cough.-- With copious expectoration of thin, frequently reddish colored mucus, in morning. With scanty expectoration of white mucus. Expectoration tasting repulsively sweetish or burnt, and of an offensive odor. Dry, in evening and at night. Expectoration of blood when coughing. Violent short paroxysms of spasmodic c., excited by mucus in trachea and crawling within chest. After cold drinks. From every exertion. With stitches in sides of chest, pains in abdomen, and a sense of internal heat. Headache and obstructed breathing during. Pressure upon bladder and involuntary spurting of urine, during. The patient is more exhausted in the morning when mucus is dislodged, although' with difficulty, than during the dry evening cough.

Chest.-- Stitches in sides, especially during inspiration and when coughing. Inflammatory pleurisy (Inflammation of lungs and pleura.). Chest pains are intensified early in morning. (Bad effects of blood letting with inflammation of chest.) Congestion to, Pressure on.

Back.-- Eruption on, with burning, sticking itching after scratching.

Neck: Eruption on. Sensitiveness, and painful soreness of skin of. Stiff nape, Stitches in thyroid gland.

Upper Extremities.-- Sweat in axillae, convulsive twitchings of arms.

Lower Extremities.-- Convulsive twitches in legs. Icy cold hands and feet. Cold sweat on feet. Sweat on toes.

Generalities.-- Tearing and restlessness in limbs. Dull, rheumatic pains which are diminished during rent and intensified by motion. Convulsive twitchings and movements of limbs. Bubbling gurgling in many parts of body, in scapulae, back and arms. Most symptoms are worse in early morning and during motion.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated.

Skin.-- So-called fatty itch with burning itching. Excoriated, in bends of limbs. Cold gangrene.

Sleep.-- Restless, with much tossing about in bed. Much yawning and stretching without sleepiness. Sleeplessness.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small and slow, but somewhat hard. Chill: Nightly, internal, with external heat. Chilliness toward evening, when walking, not while sitting. Heat: Predominantly dry, internal, burning heat, of entire body, with cold hands and feet, and intolerance of uncovering. In afternoon and evening great sense of, in entire body mostly with cold feet. When he uncovers himself during the heat, a chill and pains immediately ensure. Internal without thirst. Sweat: Entirely wanting. Absence of all exhalation, even during the several burning heat.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Alo., Arn., Ars., Bry., Millef., Pod.

Complementary: Ant-c.