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Mind.-- Hypochondriacal dejection. Low spirited and joyless, with a feeling of general exhaustion.

Sensorium.-- Dizziness with ebullition of blood to, and heat in head.

Head.-- Distensive, pressing ache, especially in frontal eminences and right temple, appearing suddenly and decreasing slowly. Sticking ache.

Eyes.-- Weak, lusterless. Biting tears. Illusion of clouds rising before.

Nose.-- Small, grain - like vesicles about root.

Face.-- Pale, with lusterless eyes encircled by blue rings. A red areola cheeks near wings of nose. Black pores on nose and face.

Teeth.-- Drawing ache, excited almost exclusively by chewing. Nightly ache, as if to burst, warmth of bed and eating. Gums swollen around the hollow, broken teeth.

Mouth.-- Excoriative soreness in throat when swallowing. Strangling pressure in throat, as from an internal swelling. White saliva, becoming frothy when talking. Bloody saliva. Every morning there is a thick yellow coat on posterior part of tongue.

Taste: Greasy, in mouth. Bitter of food, milk and coffee.

Stomach.-- Pressure in. Stitches extending from pit into back.

Appetite: Desire for acids, especially lemonade.

Eructations: Copious, empty.

Vomiting: Bile. The ingesta of the previous day, which is still undigested.

Abdomen.-- Extraordinary distension of. Bellyache, as from taking cold, with sensation as though' diarrhoea would ensue. Labor - like abdominal pains. Contractive pain in region of uterus. Urging toward genitals. Bruised pain in muscles.

Stool.-- Diarrhoea with much flatulence. Discharge of blood with mucus.

Anus.-- Bleeding anal hemorrhoids. Crawling in.

Urine.-- Frequent, violent urging to urinate with profuse discharge, Retention of urine with burning discharge, passed drop by drop.

Sexual Organs.-- Inflammatory gonorrhea with a purulent discharge. Gristle - like swelling on (dorsum of) penis. Figwarts with burning, excoriative pain. Stitches deep in vagina. Inflammation of uterus after childbirth. Sexual desire greatly intensified, even unto nymphomania.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse. Uterine hemorrhage of partly bright red and partly lumpy, or of thin, fluid, foul smelling blood. Abortion. Especially during third month of pregnancy. Foul - smelling leucorrhoea following suppressed menses.

Cough.-- Dry hacking c., from tickling in trachea. Blood spitting, with or without cough.

Chest.-- Painless trembling and creaking sensation under sternum. Sensible swelling of mammae. Crawling in nipples.

Back.-- Backache, which necessitates drawing in and bending backward of parts. Labor - like pain extending from lumbar into public region. Paralytic pains in small of.

Upper Extremities.-- Sprained pain in shoulder joint. Stiff wrist, with swelling and stitches, unbearably intensified on allowing hands to hand down.

Lower Extremities.-- Sticking pain in hip joints, early in morning and during palpitation. Lardaceous ulcers on shin bones. Podagra: Swelling, redness and stitches in great toe.

Generalities.-- Paralytic pain in joints after exertion. Tearing sticking in joints, with swelling thereof., Red, glistening swelling of affected parts. Jerking throbbing in arteries.

Bones.-- Drawing pain through' cylindrical b.

Sleep.-- Sleeplessness with great restlessness. Heat and profuse sweat after midnight.

Fever.-- Pulse: Irregular: mostly rapid, Strong and tense. Violent throbbing of arteries of entire head. Chill: In evening, with repeated shivering. Great chilliness during day. Shuddering with darkness before eyes, then sleepiness. Cold feeling in entire (r.) leg. Heat: Intolerable burning heat in whole body, with great restlessness. Flying heat on face, with chill of all the rest of body and cold hands and feet. Sweat: Every night.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Arn., Calc-c., Plat.

Complementary: Thuj.