sabadilla officinarum

Weak; nervous; easily startled. Alternate nerve and bodily symptoms. Formication. Twitches. Trembling. Worms.

Miserable. Anger. Erroneous (fixed), personal ideas. Pain in alternate sides of forehead. Unilateral head pains. Itching scalp. Red, itching tarsi. Lachrymation; when in pain; < open air. Nose; ITCHES; rubs or picks it; very dry; tickling in, spreads over whole body, then dyspnœa follows. Persistent VIOLENT or ABORTIVE SNEEZING. Hay fever. Influenza. Sensitive smell. Itching soft palate. Tongue feels burnt. Sorethroat; left to r.; < empty swallowing; > hot drinks. As of a lump, morsel, thread or skin hanging in throat. Canine hunger. Thirstless. Craves hot things, sweets or milk. Bowels feel knotted. Burning, frothy, floating stools. Crawling, itching at anus; alternating with tickling in nose or ears. Pinworms. Violent coughing attacks; muffled; < anger. Upward jerking of arms. Cracks under toes. Cutting in bones. Itching skin (in nose and anus) with asthmatic breathing. Shivers; as a concomitant. Thirst, after chill only.